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18 Mouth-Watering Drip Cake Ideas

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One look at a drip cake and your mouth truly begins to water! This fun trend of dripping ganache over the tops of cakes was made popular by cake creative Katherine Sabbath, and it’s one of our favorite new designs!

Drip Cakes

We used the drizzle technique on this fabulous candy-themed baby shower cake. The two-tiered cake featured shades of lavender, silver and white, with glittery fondant accents and a satiny fondant bow. Fondant lollipops, gumdrops, sprinkles and a sculpted baby bottle adorned the top tier.   A touch of elegance was added to this cake with quatrefoil patterns on the bottom tier (you can learn more about cake patterns in our popular cake pattern choices article).  We continued this mouth-watering theme with corresponding cake pops, macarons and mini cupcakes in matching colors.

Stuffed candy drizzling baby shower cake

Baby Shower Candy Dessert Table

Not to be outdone, we cannot forget the cousin of the drip cake – the drip cake pop! These coordinating cake pops were drizzled with purple ganache and garnished with sprinkes.

Drip Cake Pops with Sprinkles

Drizzle Cake Pops with Sprinkles

Drip cakes pair well with almost any dessert. A collection of colorful macarons help to make this version pop, adding a playful touch beside nonpareils and fondant accents. Want to try some of our macarons for yourself? Stop by our retail store, Pink Cake Box Boutique, and pick up a few to take home!

French Macarons with drippy cake

Drip cake and French Macaron pairing!

Drip cakes can be created in various colors to match event themes or personal taste. This blue and pink cake was an eye-catching focal point for a 13th birthday party. The contrasting colors and collection of sweet treats on top reflect festive fun!

13th Birthday Drip Cake Smashup

13th Birthday Drizzle Cake Mashup!

Here’s another birthday cake drip cake mashup with the works!

Drip Cake Birthday Inspired

Jackie’s Birthday Drip Cake with the works!

We call this one ‘cool drip’. This aqua ocean-like drip cake includes marshmallows with glitter!

Aqua Drip Cake

Aqua Dripping Cake

What’s fun about drip cakes is that you don’t have to overthink the toppings. We incorporated a smorgasbord of toppings for this one including chocolate oreos, macarons, chocolate and a few other hidden surprises!

Drip Cake with Toppings and Drip Icing

Drip Cake with Smorgasbord of Toppings

Check out this trio of delectable drip cakes! They’re a great example of how we can mix color combinations and flavors to achieve a playful effect for any party. Each cake is topped with a collection of dipped cookies, white chocolate bark and macarons.  Confetti sprinkles adorn the bottoms of our pink drip cakes, while our chocolate version is surrounded by crushed cookie pieces. Which one is your favorite?

Drip Cake Ensemble

Trio of Drip Cakes

Route 66 is an iconic highway that runs across part of the United States. It was one of the first highways constructed within the US. This drip cake pays tribute to Route 66 with the Route 66 sign and road that surrounds the cake on the cake board. Additional decorations include French macarons, a 2-D motorcycle and chocolate ganache.

Drip Cake Design with Motorcycle and Road

Route 66 Inspired Drip Cake

Our first drip cake for a sweet 16! We used soft pinks and ivory colors with French macarons and ganache to create this birthday celebration cake.

Sweet 16 Drip Cake

Sweet 16 Drip Cake

For more sweet 16 cake inspiration check out our gallery!

This 30th birthday drip cake is covered in light pink buttercream and dark red chocolate ganache drip. With Halloween fast approaching, it could double as a Halloween themed cake!

We included an assortment of French macarons, confetti, cookies, and other sweet pieces with a glittery silver ’30’ at the top of the cake.

30th Birthday Drip Cake in Blood Red

30th Birthday Drip Cake with the works!

This ensemble would not be complete without a salted caramel candy apple drip cake! The cake is dripping with soft and chewy salted caramel and chocolate ganache with a sprinkling of crushed walnuts.

Salted Caramel Drip Cake

This drip cake is coated with soft and chewy salted caramel!

Our fanciest version yet! This naked drip cake is dripping in pink ganache and includes an elegant combination of sugar flowers and French macarons.

An Elegant Drip Cake

An elegant 30th birthday cake

We love all things Halloween and cake at Pink Cake Box. So it’s only appropriate to bring the Halloween theme to this new drip cake design trend!

Halloween Drip Cake Design

A skull and blood red buttercream highlight this Halloween themed cake

Another holiday for drip cakes – Valentines Day! This drip cake ensemble with heart cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes includes rose petals, macarons and gold drizzle.

Valentines Drip Cake Dessert Table Ensemble

Valentines Drip Cake Dessert Table Ensemble

You can check out our 16 SPOOKtacular cakes for more!

The Melting Ice Cream Drip Cake

The melting ice cream cone drizzle cake helped popularize the drip cake trend. This cake, inspired by that design, includes a chocolate ice cream cone with bright confetti dripping down all sides of the topper cake. This style works well as a cake topper for our cupcake stands. And guess what? It’s a gluten-free cake!

Melted Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake

Melting Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake

Looking for more gluten-free options? Check out these options!

Uh oh! Another messy melting ice cream cone has ruined another cake! This drip cake was created for Pasquale birthday.

Melting Ice Cream Cone on Cake

Delicious chocolate ice cream cone spilled over cake

Drip Cake Alternatives

We’ve also created cakes that are ‘drip inspired.’ These cakes are created with fondant drip accents instead of ganache, providing a slightly different effect, though still mouth-watering! Our whimsical ONEderland 1st Birthday cake featured this technique on a topsy turvy tier, with sculpted tea cups and pocket watch to match!

Whimsy First Birthday Cake Vintage

Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Cake

This 1st Birthday cake also featured dripping fondant on both tiers. The contrasting pastel colors and coordinating balloons turn this cake into a party on a plate!

Dripping Icing Birthday Cake

Noa’s 1st Birthday Dripping Icing Cake

The delicious exterior of a drip cake contains a delicious interior, too! You can view our variety of flavors and fillings to find the one that’s right for you.  Whichever version you choose, it’s bound to be a hit.  A dessert that’s literally dripping with flavor is hard to resist!

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