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Mini Corpse Bride Wedding Cake (426)

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The corpse bride theme is a popular request and this cake represents a miniature version of our larger corpse bride cake. Inside is white cake with ganache filling.

Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

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9 Comments for “Mini Corpse Bride Wedding Cake”

  • It looks too pretty to be connected with anything having to do with a corpse!

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Margie 🙂

  • pam ruths says:

    Corpse wedding cakes? How strange and creepy and who would want one?

  • Anne says:

    Pam – you’d be surprised how popular they are…

  • Marta says:

    Pam – ‘The Corpse Bride’ is a Tim Burton animated feature movie. It’s a romantic theme of true love above all else…not creepy at all.

  • Dion Mayes says:

    I love this cake. I am going to be married on Halloween, my favorite holiday, and I had wanted something that felt like Halloween, but was festive/fun. I wanted something that felt like it was toppling over with a unique cake topper. I then thought of the “Corpse Bride” and went to look up wedding cake toppers and found your cake which was just what I wanted. It’s adorable. Thank you for sharing. Where did you find the cake topper though?

  • Anne says:

    Hi Dion – Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and thanks for stopping by. The topper was supplied by the bride and groom. If I remember correctly they created it themselves.

  • roni says:

    the corpse bride cake is exactly what i want!! i told my boyfriend about it this weekend after i made him watch the movie. he loved it and he’s goin along with this idea for our wedding…whenever that is!

  • Jocelyn says:

    I’m going to make a whole little theme with it, my husband to be and myself were always sad to be look alikes to the corpse bride movie. Now i will be using one big cake to makes all our friends laughs, plus it’s great for me cause the cake is beautiful… : )

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