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Mini Baby Shower Cakes (2151)

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Pink and Ivory Baby Shower Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes for a Baby Shower!

Babies are cute. I’m pretty sure its because they are so mini. You know what else is mini…Mini cakes! They are pretty cute too.

Cake Baby Booties

Mini Cake Baby Booties!

To celebrate their cuteness, this past weekend we created 6 individual miniature cakes for a baby shower celebration. Each cake was covered in ivory fondant with pink and ivory details.

Baby Bottle Cake

Baby Bottle with Mini Cake

Each cake included a individual baby accessory along with a unique flavor:

Cake 1- Booties: Vanilla with hazelnut buttercream.
Cake 2- Bib with bow: Chocolate with oreo buttercream.
Cake 3- Bottle: Vanilla with pineapple buttercream.
Cake 4- Dress: Pink velvet with vanilla buttercream.
Cake 5- Pacifier: Red velvet with vanilla buttercream.
Cake 6- Rattle: Vanilla with blackberry buttercream.

Pink Pacifer atop Mini Cake

Pink Pacifer atop Mini Baby Shower Cake

Pink Baby Rattle

Pink Baby Rattle

Each cake was individually boxed. Remember, everyone of our cakes can be custom created to match the theme of your event. For inspiration, make sure to check out our baby shower cake search section that allows you to search across multiple dimensions including theme, color, and type!

Katty left us this note on our facebook fan page. Thanks so much Katty! Congratulations to you again !!

A big thanks to Pink Cake Box!!!! These were great at my baby shower everyone was fascinated with these mini cakes and i absolutely loved them; they look great in pictures but even greater and AWESOME in person! They were just indescribable and so cuteeee ! :’)

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