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Margaritaville Birthday Cake (641)

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Nibblin’ on sponge cake,
watchin’ the sun bake….
All of those tourists covered with oil.
Strummin’ my six string on my front porch swing.
Smell those shrimp
They’re beginnin’ to boil.
Wasted away again in Margaritaville…

The thing about it is that there was actually ‘nibblin’ on sponge cake’ going on here. Well, not so much sponge cake, as red velvet and chocolate fudge cake….but it’s close enough! These 3 cakes were created for a 60th birthday party with a Margaritaville theme at the Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, NJ. A parrot on a perch, margarita with a lime, and cheeseburger…..some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, But I know it’s Pink Cake Box’s fault….

60th Birthday Parrot Margarita and Hamburger

Close up of blue parrot

Lime in Margarita

Here are the girls in the back making sure the cake is safe in transit:
The girls of Pink Cake Box

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5 Comments for “Margaritaville Birthday Cake”

  • Ferwa says:

    Wow, the intrecate feathers are amazin, looks like hard work, but a job well done!
    <3 your stuff

  • Mini says:

    This is really amazingly beautiful!!!

  • Melisha says:

    That parrot is AMAZING. I didn’t realize how big it really was until I saw the picture in comparison to the young lady in the back. Absolutely amazing work! If you don’t mind me asking what did you use to make the beak silver? I wanted fondant “beads” on my wedding cake but can’t find a way to make them a true “silver” color.

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Melisah – you are right the first picture doesn’t really capture the true size of the parrot. To answer your question – we use an airbrush for the coloring on the parrot…

  • al says:

    HOLY COW. WOW THESE CAKES ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re in psychology class and sara (girl to the left of me) showed me this website and i get entertained ever so easily. and now i’m glued to my laptop because i’m watchiing the slide shows of all your cakes. now. here’s my question. how do your cakes compare the the ones made on the show “ace of cakes” hahahaha

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