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‘Man Cave’ Bar Mitzvah Cake (2778)

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Greene family since our early days as a business and they’ve been a wonderful family to work with.

This ‘Man Cave’ was created for Cooper’s Bar Mitzvah and we tried to capture everything about Cooper in the details of the cake.

Cooler Cake for Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah Man Cave Cake with Cooler, Dartboard and more!

Inside and surrounding the sculpted cooler cake we included pool balls, a dartboard, ice (made of sugar), a remote control, soda, pizza, noodles, potato chips, a half eaten sandwich, shoes and shoebox, and a sports jersey.

The team received this wonderful testimonial after the event:

Nicole/Anne –
What can I say, other than WOW. The cooler and all of the details – the hero, the ice, the foam finger, the soda bottle, the can, the shoe box, the dart board, the sock, the red solo cup – all of it – was nothing short of spectacular. We and most importantly Cooper was blown away by the incredible effort into capturing everything about Cooper and his man cave – down to the cupcakes of pool balls, brick wall, diamond plate, sports balls and plaid. As you know, when planning these sorts of events, there may be a decor company, a dj, an entertainment company, a photographer and many things to juggle – and many things to worry about. But when we work with you, we don’t have to worry about anything. Your team is so professional and gracious and easy to work with. You gave us exactly what we wanted – but could never have imagined and then some – and exceeded all of our expectations. Your cake is always a focal point, always a star attraction and always one of the most talked about features of the evening. Beyond the beauty and awe of the cake, though, is the taste. It is as delicious as it looks – the blue velvet was a hidden treat and we watched many of our friends finish their piece and scavanger for others! The funniest thing of the night had to have been that we watced a guest walk by the cake, not even notice that it was cake (because it looked so real) and took a potato chip from the spilled bag of chips! When he realized it was fondant, he didn’t know what to do with it (thankfully he did not try to put it back!). LOL.

Seriously, this was our 5th event working with you (since 2008) and we are almost (almost 🙂 ) sorry we only have one more child and one more bat mitzvah to plan. Speaking of which, we actually just received the date too – September 22, 2018.

Thanks again. Let us know when pictures of the cake are on the site.

Jeff and family

Mazel Tov Cooper!

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