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Magnificent Mitzvah Cake Ideas

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Planning a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or B’Nai Mitzvah is a special task indeed, since it means celebrating the coming of age of boys and girls in the Jewish faith. Over the years, we’ve helped many clients achieve the cake of their Mitzvah dreams, from thematic focal points to delicious dessert tables. If you’re looking for ideas for your next Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or B’Nai Mitzvah cake, check out these inspiring creations from the Pink Cake Box gallery!

Mitzvah Cakes

20 of our favorite Mitzvah cakes from the past 11 years

Bar Mitzvah Cake Ideas

Sports are popular themes for many of our cakes. This Bar Mitzvah cake is ready to hit the slopes! Packed with sculpted versions of colorful ski equipment that matched our client’s invitations, we also added the slope symbols in fondant on the top tier. And for a bonus touch, we incorporated LED lights in the goggles around the cake!

Ski themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Ski themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Or maybe you’d prefer a Bar Mitzvah cake with a basketball theme?  This one was created for Robert’s Bar Mitzvah, using the colors of his favorite basketball team. The tiers are made with alternating fondant stripes and criss-cross patterns to simulate the look of a basketball net. The interior of this cake included red velvet with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream, and vanilla with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Basketball Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Robert’s Bar Mitzvah Basketball Cake

If you can’t decide which sport is your favorite, how about a Bar Mitzvah cake that incorporates all of your favorite sports? This cake that we designed for Brett features topsy turvy layers with various sports themes, including soccer, baseball, tennis, hockey and snowboarding! Check out all of the fine details, including a hockey puck exiting the side of the cake, and Brett’s name in fondant, with each letter representing a sport.

Bar Mitzvah Sports Themed Cake

Brett’s Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake with Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis and Snowboarding

Visit  the Pink Cake Box gallery for more photos of our sports-themed Bar Mitzvah cakes!

If Sports aren’t your first choice for a Bar Mitzvah cake, why not personalize it to your taste? This Bar Mitzvah cake was adorned with favorite comedy films, from The Hangover to Anchorman. Edible photos of the movies were positioned throughout the cake, with a giant movie reel and glittering stars included for extra effect.  The tiers included metallic colors such as pewter and gold, as well as black and white.

Movie Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Movie Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Bar Mitzvah cakes can also be centered around favorite places or events, like this one with a New York Broadway theme.  The New York skyline adornes the bottom tier while the top tier includes a marquee for Chad’s Bar Mitzvah – One Night Only! A theater sits atop the cake with red velvet curtains and a black silhouette showing.

Broadway Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Chad’s Bar Mitzvah – One Night Only

This Bar Mitzvah cake was also New York based, designed to look like Times Square! With topsy turvy tiers and its very own billboards, this cake even featured a graffiti wall and initial logo at the top. And talk about show stopping fillings! The interior included red velvet with oreos and cream buttercream, and vanilla with salted caramel buttercream.

Times Square Inspired Bar Mitzvah Cake

Times Square Inspired Bar Mitzvah Cake

Or why not incorporate all of the things you love into a Bar Mitzvah cake? This ‘Man Cave’ cake was created with all of Cooper’s favorite things in mind, including a sandwich, Chinese food, soda, pizza, video game controllers, pool balls, shoe boxes and more!  Our client assured us that the cake tasted as good as it looked, with a bold blue velvet interior.

Cooler Cake for Bar Mitzvah

Coop’s ‘Man Cave’ Bar Mitzvah Man Cave Cake with the works!

We’ve also created some amazing specialized Bar Mitzvah cakes through the years. Whatever you want your event to reflect, it can be done! Like this baby grand piano cake, which included LED lights around the sheet music…

Piano Cake

Baby Grand Piano Cake

…Or this casino cake which was designed to look like a real roulette wheel…

Roulette Wheel Casino Cake

Roulette Wheel Casino Cake

This larger than life-sized cake featured an actual spinning globe and hand-painted details. It was included in our favorite extreme cakes article!

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

Bat Mitzvah Cakes

Much like the Bar Mitzvah celebration, a Bat Mitzvah symbolizes the coming of age of a young girl in the Jewish faith. Celebrating this special event with family and friends is an important part of a girl’s life, and we love to join in the fun. It’s been our great pleasure to create some inspiring Bat Mitzvah cakes over the years that reflect the personalities of our clients. This 5-tier topsy turvy cake featured a little bit of everything! From sculpted figures to favorite goodies, our client said this cake was a major focal point of the party and that the images went viral!

Abby Road Topsy Turvy Cake

Abby Road Topsy Turvy Cake

We designed this shopping and fashion cake for Gabby’s Bat Mitzvah. It’s adorned with all of her favorite things, too, including an adorable doggy, sculpted frozen yogurt, jewelry and more! What more could a girl ask for?


Shopping and Fashion Bat Mitzvah Cake

One of our most talked-about cakes is this candy-themed wonder created for Aly’s Bat Mitzvah. Not only did it feature sculpted versions of Aly’s favorite candies (and pet bunny!), we also included a dessert table spread of rainbow push pops, cupcakes, and cookies to match! You can read more about our dessert tables here, or check out our selection of favor options here.

Candy-themed Bat Mitzvah Cake

Candy-themed Bat Mitzvah Cake

Sculpted cakes are always a big hit at parties.  Lucy’s Bat Mitzvah was an ‘Up All Night’ pajama themed party, so we designed a cake fit for the occasion! Lucy’s ‘bedroom’ featured a sculpted bed in shades of white, lavender and silver, with added details reflecting Lucy’s loves and personality.  The cake itself was a tasty half chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream and vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.

Bat Mitzvah Pajama Sleepover Cake

Bat Mitzvah Bed Cake for a Pajama Themed Party

This jaw-dropping Bat Mitzvah cake was made to look like a gorgeous ball gown that you can eat! It was about two feet tall and included four tiers of red velvet with oreos and cream buttercream. Not to be overlooked are the gorgeous details of feathers, hand-piped dots, and crystals. Fondant lace-up bodice work adorned the back, too.

Ball Gown Bat Mitzvah Cake

Ball Gown Bat Mitzvah Cake

Bat Mitzvah cakes can be unusual shapes, just like Shari’s. Shari’s cake was three hexagonal tiers with pewter separators. A laughing silver Buddha sits atop the cake, adorned with cherry blossoms. A bold Yin Yang symbol decorates the front.

Buddha Bat Mitzvah Cake

Buddha Bat Mitzvah Cake

This Bat Mitzvah cake was our popular square gift box shape.  Designed with a Hollywood theme, it featured bold shades of pink and orange to match the décor of the party. The interior of the cake was our signature pink velvet with lemon cream cheese, pink velvet with vanilla buttercream, and chocolate cake with oreos and cream buttercream. Want to try our pink velvet cake for yourself? Stop by Pink Cake Box Boutique and take home a pink velvet cupcake or two!

Hollywood Themed Bat Mitzvah Cake

Hollywood Themed Bat Mitzvah Cake

This Bat Mitzvah cake has an understated elegance versus many of the Bat Mitzvah cakes in this list. It was decorated in chevron stripes across all four tiers with an ombre fade from hot pink to light pink cascading up the tiers.

Ombré Chevron Bat Mitzvah Cake

Ombré Chevron Cake for Ava’s Bat Mitzvah

B’Nai and B’Not Mitzvah Cakes

Not to be forgotten are our B’Nai Mitzvah cakes!  B’Nai Mitzvahs occur when twin boys (or twin boy/twin girl) of the Jewish faith come of age, and B’Not Mitzvahs celebrate twin girls.  Sometimes that calls for a cake with very special additions indeed!

We made Oliver and Ben’s cake to represent their interests. Since their theme was ‘Oliver and Ben’s World,’ we added many details to reflect this. From sculpted figures to mini passports, we tried to capture the spirit of these special boys.

B'Nai Mitzvah Travel Cake

B’Nai Mitzvah Travel Cake

Ombre adds a beautiful touch to any cake, and we created this one for a B’Not Mitzvah, ‘2 is Better than 1!’ Ruffles and paper wafer flowers also embellished this topsy turvy cake. Guests loved the alternating pink and purple velvet cake inside, which represented the girls’ favorite colors.

Ombre Ruffle B'Not Mitzvah Cake

Ombre Ruffle B’Not Mitzvah Cake

Sometimes the beauty of a cake is its simplicity. Our client asked us to design a black and white cake without embellishments, and the result was this striped, multi-tiered black and white piece. The sharp ‘W’ monogram at the top was both eye-catching and beautiful. The interior was vanilla with oreos and cream buttercream.

B'Nai Mitzvah Black and White Cake

B’Nai Mitzvah Black and White Cake

B’Nai Mitzvah cakes can also be themed based on holidays or seasons. We made this Winter Wonderland themed cake for triplets! Topsy turvy layers of blue, white and black made this cake a wintry focal point, and featured multiple flavors and fillings inside, including chocolate with raspberry Chambord, vanilla with hazelnut and chocolate filling, and chocolate with oreos and peanut butter filling.

Topsy Turvy  B'Nai Mitzvah Wonderland Cake

Topsy Turvy B’Nai Mitzvah Wonderland Cake

However you choose to celebrate your magnificent Mitzvah, it’s bound to be wonderful!  Mazel tov!

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