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French Macarons Make Their Mark

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French Macrons Make Their Mark

French Macrons Make Their Mark

So just what is a french macaron? 

A macaron (not to be confused with the very different macaroon) is a French confection, made with meringue and egg whites. It is usually filled with ganache, buttercream or jam, sandwiched between two cookies.  They can be dyed different colors and have a light, distinct texture and taste. 

Macarons are a popular dessert to serve at weddings and parties, and they make a wonderful addition to dessert tables or favor boxes.  You can try them yourself at our retail store, Pink Cake Box Boutique, or check out some of the fun ways we’ve incorporated them into creations for our clients.

French Macarons

French Macarons

Macarons for Celebrations

Macarons are versatile desserts, since they come in so many colors with a variety of fillings. This cute little trio is a great example of how macaron fillings and colors can vary.  You can see how airy and light they are just from looking at the picture.

They can even be created with a metallic flair, like these gold leaf macarons.  These were created in shades of baby pink, raspberry and aqua, and accompanied some delicious matching cake pops, too. Want to learn more about gold leaf? See our cake glossary “G” section for more info.

Gold Leaf Macarons and Cake Pops

Holiday-themed macarons are always the talk of a party.  They can be specialized to look like swirling peppermints or brushed with holiday gold.

You can see how eye-catching they are when presented with adorable gingerbread cookies, our creative snow globe cakepops, iced sugar cookies and coordinating cupcakes!

Christmas Party Dessert Table

Not to be outdone by another holiday, the Easter Bunny can also take advantage of these sweet treats!  This sculpted Easter basket cake was filled with pastel colored macarons and surrounded by delicious decorated cupcakes.

Happy Easter!

And these sweet macarons were shaped like carrots, and were sold at our retail store, Pink Cake Box Boutique.  We wanted to use them in a cake design, too, so we created an Easter Bunny garden cake, featuring rows of macaron carrot cookies and a funny bunny popping out of sculpted head of lettuce.

DID YOU KNOW? Macarons are gluten free! See our macaron menu for the Pink Cake Box Boutique here!

Easter Garden Cake

A unique idea for this Baptism was an Italian Garden theme.  We created two cakes that reflected the concept of an Italian garden- one with clusters of grapes and a tied rope cross.  The other was a sculpted basket of ‘tomatoes,’ which are really sweet little macarons in disguise!

Italian Garden Themed Cakes for Baptism

This fun pairing of the drip cake and macarons makes for a fun and less formal combination!

French Macarons with dripping cake

Drip cake and French Macaron pairing!

Stop by the Pink Cake Box Boutique for our line of “to-go” drip cakes!

French Macarons and Dessert Tables

Because of their fun and festive appearance, macarons make a great addition to dessert tables.  They can be created in a variety of different colors to match cakes and party themes.  These macarons were boxed as favors for a bridal shower, and included ivory with vanilla and light pink with vanilla.

Bridal Shower cake with cookies and macarons

Here’s another set of macaron favors we created for guests as a take home treat after the wedding reception.

Macaron Favors

Macaron Favors

These macarons can melt anyone’s heart!  Shaped like little bear heads and dyed light blue, they were part of an adorable baby shower celebration for baby Nolan.  Cake pops and a gorgeous two-tiered baby pram cake helped make this event unforgettable.

No Parisian themed party would be complete without French macarons!  We created deep red macarons with vanilla buttercream filling to coincide with this Parisian Sweet 16 party.  A two-tiered cake with black and red fondant accents helped round out the event.  And don’t forget the miniature Eiffel Tower!

French / Paris Sweet 16 Cake

Metallic macarons add modern elegance to any event.  These macarons in blush and tan were brushed with gold and silver highlights to accompany a pewter shaded bridal shower cake.

Silver and Pewter Bridal Shower Cake

This elegant dessert table was created for a birthday event.  The gilded almond macarons were robin’s egg blue and brushed with gold.  All of the desserts at this table were sophisticated works of art, but delicious, too!

A Very Special Birthday Dessert Table

Tiffany blue was the main theme of this pretty dessert table, so we created with two Tiffany-themed cakes (one looked like a shopping bag!), Tiffany blue cupcakes and bridal cookies.  Not to be forgotten were the dainty, matching macarons for an amazingly elegant bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Alice would have been proud of this Wonderland themed dessert table.  Our topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland cake served as the centerpiece, but vanilla cupcakes and colorful pink and yellow macarons helped add to the whimsical feel.

Pretty in pink describes this fun bridal shower dessert table.  It was inspired by our ballerina themed table and included a three tiered cake with pink bands and an elegant bridal topper, as well as pink cake pops, monogrammed cookies, and pink French macarons.

Dessert Table Cake, Cake Pops & Cookies

These macarons are as good as gold!  Created to match the gold-themed birthday cake, these little confections are shining show stoppers.  They feature pink velvet cupcakes and monogrammed square cookies to match.

Claire’s 18th Birthday Dessert Table

We also get creative with our macarons and can hand paint edible designs to enhance and coordinate with your event. For this macaron we hand painted a charcoal inspired cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Macaron with hand painted cup of coffee

Macaron with hand painted cup of coffee

Or perhaps a floral design?

Floral Design imprinted on Macaron

Floral Design imprinted on Macaron

As you can see, the dainty, sweet & light French macaron has much to offer in the world of desserts!  So if you’re looking for a touch of elegance or a colorful addition for your next event,  you might consider adding this sweet treat to your line-up.


An assortment of French Macarons!

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