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Knot Party Wedding Cake (367)

We created a wedding cake for the Knot industry party last week at McCloons Pier House in Long Branch, NJ. The party was hosted by Pampered Brides Weddings and featured several other vendors including Linda Casals from Rose Petals, and Suzanne from CLB Photography who took the photos below.

The theme was a Mediterranean fete – so we created a sugarpaste and crystal Mosaic complete with crystal “K” topper!

Unfortunately we had a cake conflict and couldn’t attend, but I was told the cake was a hit!
Knot Party Wedding Cake
Closeup Knot Party Cake

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7 Comments for “Knot Party Wedding Cake”

  • Melissa says:

    Love the jeweled effect. I can see why it was such a hit!!

  • Stacy says:

    These cakes truely ARE art! I seriously want to print them off and hang them up cause they are so beautiful to look at!

  • Bride says:

    Love the cake!!! I was also wondering where you may have bought those teal votive candle holders??

  • Anne says:

    Sorry Bride, but we didn’t supply the candle holders, they were supplied by the Knot

  • Congratulations !!!

    The cake is absolutely {fabulous} !!!. I have been enjoying, both, your website and your blog. So much so, that I blogged about you on my blogsite {} on Monday 31 March 2008. I hope that you enjoy the entry!!
    I am in the next state over from you, and the next time that I am in New Jersey, you will be the first stop *
    Enjoy the Win…

  • Anne says:

    Delores – thanks so much for the link!

  • Stephenie says:

    Bride, you can find tealight/votive holders very similar to the ones used at an Ikea or Pier 1 store. I know Ikea has some because I have a ton of them, and its about $4 for a pack of 6. I love this cake, I’m having my cake designer do a very similar design, of course in purple & champagne/gold and using sugar crystals instead!

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