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JJ’s 2nd Birthday Truck Cake! (2338)

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JJ's Vintage Pick-up Truck Birthday Cake

JJ’s Vintage Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Our son JJ celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend and we celebrated with one of his favorite things – a truck! We’ve done all sorts of truck cakes in the past, but I wanted to make this one special so I created an vintage dump truck for his special day.

Front grill and headlights of car

Front grill and headlights of truck birthday cake

In the picture of the cake above you can also just make out the paint splatter effect across the grill and front bumper which gives the truck more of a vintage feel. The front headlights and blinkers were decorated with edible glitter to give that sparkly effect.

Truck bed with dirt and rocks

Truck bed with dirt, rocks and a #2 for JJ’s birthday!

Whenever JJ sees a dump truck he always asks where the dirt and rocks are – so of course I had to fill the bed of the dump truck cake with these important elements!

Truck Birthday Cake with Candles

JJ having a blast blowing out his candles

JJ’s expression in this photo makes all the work preparing this cake worthwhile! When he saw the cake, he kept chanting very eloquently “Me eat truck” and “Me eat dirt”. Watch the video below for more shots of the cake and watch JJ blow out the candles during his birthday party with our family.

Happy Birthday JJ! We love you!

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