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Jesse’s Elf Birthday Cake (2336)

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Jesse's 34th Birthday Cake

Jesse dressed as Elf for his birthday cake

Over the years we’ve created a slew of different birthday cakes for my husband’s birthday – including a Mr. Potato Head cake, a protein shake, and his most recent cake prior to this year – a sporty snowman cake.

Close up of Jesse dressed us Elf

Close-up of Jesse dressed up as an Elf

This most recent cake, borrows from this laptop themed cake I made for a prior birthday and adds additional mementos that have special meaning to Jesse and our family. He’s sitting on his favorite brown leather chair with his large oversized laptop. (His laptop is basically the size of our 42″ televison…..well I may be exaggerating a little :)) This “Jesse” elf is also wearing tortoise shell glasses and some running sneakers!

Sushi with wasabi and ginger

Jesse’s favorite dinner – Sushi with wasabi and ginger

Some of his favorite magazines,  like Consumer Reports and Wired are strewn about his feet while his favorite weekend dinner, sushi, sits on the arm of the chair.

Laptop and Elf on the Shelf Birthday Cake

Jesse with his oversized laptop cake

Happy Birthday Jesse! You have officially been “elf”ed…or is it “elved?” !

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

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