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Iron Maiden Wedding Cake with Classic Twist! (3008)

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This fun wedding cake incorporates the bride and groom’s love of Iron Maiden while being a classic wedding cake at the same time!

Iron Maiden Wedding Cake Painted

Classic White Wedding Cake with an Artistic Twist!

The back of cake includes a hand painted scene from the band’s mascot ‘Eddie the Head’.

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Update: We received this AWESOME email from Lisa and James after the wedding:

Hi, Anne!

I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING cake! You’ll get lots of pictures when we get them, but I have to tell you, not only was it the coolest wedding cake in the world, but it was absolutely delicious! There were more pictures taken of the cake than of Jimmy and I. I wish I was making that up. In fact, someone at the wedding is friends with the guys from E-Town Concrete (a Jersey hardcore band) and apparently, the cake went viral! Jimmy is going to put it on Iron Maiden’s Facebook and we’ll see what happens, but it was a MASSIVE hit!

I can’t thank you enough for putting the time and effort into something so spectacular. You took our silly idea and made it into a work of art, and it really meant a lot to us.

And the cookies! OMG were they GORGEOUS! We saved three of them, and my mom and I just split one at her house. They looked so cool and they were just as tasty! Thank you for making them, they were amazing!

I’d love to take some classes, because as much as I love to bake, my cakes and cookies kind of come out ugly, so I hope to check out some classes soon!

Again, you’ll get pictures, and thank you, from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful job you did on our Eddie the Trooper cake! You are the best!

All best!

Lisa and James

Not to outdone, Lisa and James sent us this wonderful thank-you note after the wedding:

Dear Anne, Nicole and the entire talented staff at Pink Cake Box

Words cannot express the gratitude for the amazing Iron Maiden wedding cake and the awesome guitar cookie favors. I know I sent an email, but I had to tell you again what a hit the cake and cookies were at our wedding. It was a such an honor to have your talented team create such a timeless piece for our silly wedding celebration.

There were more pictures taken of the Iron Maiden cake than of us, and rightly so! Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but it was beyond delicious! The layers of flavors were unforgettable and people are still talking about it.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking our silly, metal idea and running with it – all while making our day that much more rock n’ roll. You are the best, and we’ll use you again for sure!

Love James & Lisa

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