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A tradition on our blog is to post yearly birthday cakes for my family including my nephew Brian and brother Serge. And not too far in the future I’ll start the same tradition with my own son.

iPad Birthday Cake

iPad Birthday Cake

So continuing that tradition, we did another cake for my brother’s birthday this past weekend. Last year we did a bust of serge which is probably the most involved cake I’ve ever done for my brother. This year we turned it down a notch and made a replica of his favorite new toy – his iPad. Serge loves his iPad and so does my 4 year old nephew, who has been known to steal the iPad late at night and take it into his room!

The cake sits atop a Dummies book which is an inside joke with my husband who is in constant “friendly” competition with my brother. We included my brother’s favorite flavors: vanilla and chocolate cake with oreos and cream and peanut butter buttercream. (We used our Italian meringue buttercream which is a favorite of customers who prefer a slightly less sweet version of our traditional buttercream)

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