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Intern Spotlight – Jaida! (1)

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Jaida the Intern at the Boutique

Jaida at the Boutique

This is Jaida! Look at that face! How can you not love her? Jaida is a student at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She is more than half-way through her 15 week internship with us. Jaida is extremely creative (as is evident by her very enthusiastic and ever-changing hair colors!). She offers lots of great suggestions, ideas and utilizes her creativity on a daily basis.

Our intern learns how to pipe!

Jaida Piping!

Jaida is a huge asset and has many tasks she completes each day. On an average day, she may set up the retail case, cut and decorate our very popular cheesecake pops, create custom sugar decorations like 3d items and glittery name cutouts! Jaida has also decorated many of our custom cookies, cake pops and cakes! She has also become very skilled at filling, icing and decorating our buttercream cakes for the boutique! Extremely friendly, she helps our boutique customers often, and even goes out of her way to assist with special requests!

Jaida squaring off a cake with buttercream

Jaida squaring off a cake with buttercream

Not only is Jaida very gifted at pastry arts, but she is also very hard working and a great team player! She has been known to go crazy cleaning, and even took apart our de-humidifer to ensure it was properly disinfected!! This is nothing compared to the fact that she even assisted me in cleaning the grease trap! If you have ever experienced this – you know it is pretty atrocious (although she was very enthused to see that even our grease is pink!).

Jaida preparing a batch of cookies

Jaida preparing a batch of cookies

Thank you Jaida for being an exceptional intern! Your diligence, artistry, enthusiasm, and sense of humor has made you a wonderful intern, and will no doubt help you achieve excellence in your future career!

Interested in an internship at Pink Cake Box. More information is available in our career section!

We are currently accepting intern applications. If you are interested please check out our career section for more information. We are also excited to announce our new advanced sugar internship where you will work one on one with a senior sugar artist learning all sorts of exciting skills like sugar flower techniques, sculpting and color mixing! Contact us for more information

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