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Hockey Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake (2154)

Hockey Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Hockey Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Sam celebrated his Bar Mitzvah this weekend at Gotham Hall in NYC. Sam is a big fan of hockey and we incorporated all sorts of different hockey elements into his Bar Mitzvah cake. This is the second Mitzvah themed sports cake we’ve done for this athletic family – back in January of 2011 we created a sports themed Bat Mitzvah cake for Sam’s sister.

Ice Hockey Skates

Ice Hockey Skates with poured sugar ice elements

The top of the cake included untied black hockey stakes with red laces and Sam’s number “51” on the back. Poured sugar “ice” pieces surrounded the blades of the skates. The top cake tier was decorated with blue fondant with white paneled sides. Each side panel was decorated with gold cutout crossed hockey sticks. The base of the tier was decorated with red, white and blue layered bands to match the Bar Mitzvah color theme.

Sam's Bar Mitzvah Logo

Sam's Bar Mitzvah Hockey Inspired Logo

The next tier was decorated with red fondant and blue versions of Sam’s number in swiss patterns. Sam’s logo, provided by the family, highlights the front of the tier. Additional black leaves and vines to coordinate with the logo highlight the remainder of the cake.

The final tier is highlighted with a hockey puck breaking through the white cake tier alog with black silhouette hockey figure decorations.

Flavors and fillings included coconut with vanilla buttercream, vanilla with chocolate and oreo buttercream and red velvet with vanilla buttercream.

Congratulations Sam!

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

And for a flashback to last year’s celebration for Sam’s sister, here is her Bat Mitzvah Cake:

Sam's Sisters Mitzvah Cake

Sam's Sisters Sports Bat Mitzvah Cake

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