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Heavenly Hand-Painted Cake Designs

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Artists express themselves through many different mediums, and so do we!  But instead of paints and easels, we use fondant, gumpaste, and edible elements to create our masterpieces.  We strive to incorporate the latest decorating techniques on our cakes and desserts, and we love experimenting with delicious new mediums.  One of the most beautiful ways to adorn a cake involves painting it with gel food coloring.  Yes, painting! Take a look at these stunning examples of hand-painted cakes from some of our favorite events.

Hand Painted Cake Designs


Hand-Painted Birthday Cakes

Sun and Moon Cake

Our Sun and Moon Cake was created for a scientist’s 50th birthday.  We used hand-painted techniques to add fine detail to the sun and moon sides of each tier.  The design was a replica of the client’s birthday invitations.  To top it off, we tried to match our cake flavors with our exterior decorations!  The sun side was vanilla cake with mango filling, and the moon side was lemon cake with lemon cream cheese filling. We also incorporated red velvet with lemon cream cheese, since it was our client’s favorite!  Want to try some of our fabulous flavors yourself?  Schedule a taste testing session or visit our new retail location to take home some treats of your own!

Fifteeth Birthday Cake

Hand-painted details on our Sun and Moon Cake

Birthday Cake with invitation

Sun and Moon Cake with invitation inspiration!

Circus Tent Cake

This 2nd birthday cake features an adorable ringmaster atop a hand-painted circus tent cake.  The fondant curtains are parted on one tier to reveal hand-painted elephants, and hand-painted circus animals frolic around the second tier.  Hand-painting allows us to add fine features, such as tiny smiles, teeth and fur, to each character.

Daniels 2nd Circus Birthday Party

Hand-painted circus animals on a 2nd birthday cake.

Tulip Vase Cake

This gorgeous tulip vase cake was created for Anne Heap’s mom.  ‘Mama Khoob,’ as she is affectionately known, had seen a real vase like this, so we recreated it in cake form!  The hand-painted detail helped make the cake more realistic, and made the flowers look like actual tulip petals.

Delft tulip vase cake with parrot tulips

Both the tulips and the vase were hand-painted on this cake.

Globe Cake

This 40th birthday globe cake was meant to look like the map of a world traveler.  Using hand-painted detail, we were able to add shadow and colors to make the maps come alive.  This same technique was also used in our Vintage Luggage and Map cake.

40th Globe & Map Birthday Cake

Hand-painted details helped make this globe cake look real!

Hand-Painted Shower and Wedding Cakes

Starry Night Shower Cake

If you visit the website of our new retail store, Pink Cake Box Boutique, you will see the statement, ‘We are bakers and artists.’  Nowhere is this more evident than on our Starry Night Shower Cake which was one of the first cakes Anne created way back in 2006!  This baby shower cake was created in honor of our client’s favorite painting, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  We used marbelized fondant, food coloring pens and fine hand-painted details to make this cake into a replica of the famous painting.

Van Gogh Starry Night Baby Shower Cake

The ultimate hand-painted cake!

Van Gogh Cake Specialty

Hand-painting the Starry Night Cake.

Butterfly Wedding Cake

This wedding cake proves that your cake isn’t the only thing that can be painted for decorative purposes.  Sugarpaste butterflies and flower blossoms were all hand-painted to promote a spring-like look.  We were honored to have this cake featured in Bridal Guide magazine as part of their Spring Wedding Cake promotion. You can see another one of our hand-painted butterfly cakes here.

Butterfly Spring Wedding Cake

Hand-painted butterflies flutter across this Spring wedding cake.

Hand-Painted Spring Flower Wedding Cake

Brides Magazine chose our Hand-Painted Spring Flower wedding cake as part of their Save vs. Splurge feature.  This cake was the ‘splurge,’ since the anemone sugar flowers were all painstakingly hand-painted on the top tier.  The 3-D anemones  were also hand-painted and cut to mimic a spring garden.

Modern Spring Wedding Cake Hand Painted Flowers

Hand-painted anemones adorn this beautiful wedding cake.

Double Happiness Plum Blossom Wedding Cake

Hand-painted cakes don’t have to include a palette of colors.  This Asian inspired wedding cake featured dragon accents hand-painted entirely in gold!  The double happiness symbol was also hand-painted on the top tier.

Double Happiness Plum Blossom Wedding Cake with Dragon

This cake was hand-painted with gold accents.

Cake Topper with Cupcakes

Cake toppers and cupcakes are a good alternative to the multi-tier custom cake. This cake topper includes a hand-painted floral design and was created for a baby shower celebration. See more examples of our cake toppers and cupcakes displayed on our custom made cake stands!

Hand-painted floral topper

Hand-painted floral topper with cupcakes

Hand-Painted Bar Mitzvah Cakes

Painted Bar Mitzvah Generation Cake

Our client asked us to create a cake with a ‘generation to generation’ theme for this Bar Mitzvah.   Using family photos for inspiration, we hand-painted all four tiers to replicate a nostalgic vision of family history through the years.

Painted Bar Mitzvah Cake

Every tier of this Bar Mitzvah cake was hand-painted.

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

We featured the Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah cake in our Extreme Cakes article (because it is pretty extreme!).    Not only did it actually spin (thanks to the help of a hidden motor), but the exquisite details of Adam and Eve and the story of creation  were hand-painted, larger than life!

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

This spinning globe cake was hand-painted in the style of Sir Edwin Burne.

Want to know more about  incorporating hand-painted details on your cakes?  You can read all about these artistic techniques and learn how to do them yourself at Pink Cake Box University.

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