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Hawaiian Themed Bat Mitzvah Cake (2202)

5 Tier Hawaiian Hibiscus Cake

Hawaiian Inspired Hibiscus Bat Mitzvah Cake

Nearly three years ago we were honored to create a Bat Mitzvah cake for Lexi’s birthday at the Crestmont Country Club in West Orange, NJ. This past weekend we excited to help create another Bat Mitzvah cake for the family’s daughter.

Sparkly turquoise parrot teen

Sparkly Parrot Centerpiece atop Bat Mitzvah Cake

The 5 tier flared cake is covered in turquoise blue ombre fading from top to bottom down the cake. The top of the cake is decorated with a glittery parrot surrounded by a bouquet of tropical sugar flowers including orchids, green palm leaves, and hibiscus. Butterflies and dragonflies with crystals also highlight each tier of the cake.

Sugar Flowers

Hibiscus Sugar Flower

Those of you who are particular observant will also know we included a single red ladybug on the second to last tier. Ladybugs are a favorite here at bakery and we always love the opportunity to include one on our cakes.

The cake was enormous and fed over 200 people. It included red velvet with vanilla buttercream and vanilla and chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream.

Along with the cake we included 13 larger vanilla cupcakes with holes in the center to hold the tall lime candles for the lightening ceremony. Lastly, as favors for the celebrants, we baked and decorated 250 gerber daisy cutout cookies.

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

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