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Happy Birthday Sculpture Cake (1267)

Happy Birthday Bust Cake

Serge Birthday Cake Sculpture

So every year, I like to make my one-and-only bro a birthday cake. Well, this year had to be extra special because he was turning 35! To commemorate this mid-decade milestone, I thought it would be fun to make a bust of Serge. I knew this was going to be a difficult undertaking, seeing as I’ve never sculpted a head out of anything, let alone edible materials. But, I knew if I could even sort of pull it off, my brother would think it was really funny.

Well, here it is. It is funny. And sort of creepy….:) Happy Birthday Serge! I love you and don’t think you are creepy ( even though your head made out of cake is 🙂 ).

His body is made of cake – chocolate cake filled with peanut butter cup and chocolate peanut butter buttercreams. His head is rice krispy treat and modeling chocolate. Then it was covered in fondant, airbrushed, painted, etc.

Here’s a video I shot at the shop. It also includes my brother’s reaction to the cake:

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