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Happy Birthday “Cake Wreck”

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Let me preface this post by saying that I love my brother. I really do.  With that being said….

Over the years he has consistently teased and tormented me….for just about everything (in a loving brotherly fashion of course 🙂 !)  Naturally when I dove into the world of pastry, he heckled me…always questioning why I wouldn’t make him a bakery cake with ‘those great buttercream roses’.  He also has commented on more than one occasion that he’d love to see a cookie with his face on it….just because that would be fun.

Each year, I try to think of a great cake concept for my bro…. last year was ravioli….(his favorite meal).  So obviously the family expects a lot from me.   Well, I decided to really wow them this year….  we bought the largest rose nail we could find…and I learned how to make GIANT buttercream roses….which I learned is NOT easy by the way! Cathy had to teach me – and I made a LOT of roses before I got a few that resembled a flower. haha.  Who knew?! So we blended these beautiful buttercream flora with some Serge cookies – and finished it off with the message , “It is your birthday.” (a line I stole from The Office).

The end result…a hideous yet hilarious (well at least I think so – but it’s my brother’s face on those cookies!)  looking birthday cake. Here’s a short video where I interview Kristen during the arduous decorating process:


And here is the final version of the cake:

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