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Hand Painted Spring Flower Wedding Cake (2595)

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Modern Spring Wedding Cake Hand Painted Flowers

“Splurge” Wedding Cake with hand painted flowers

We created this cake for a Save vs Splurge feature with Brides magazine. This version is the splurge one!

The wedding cake features a fun pop of color on the top and bottom tiers where we featured anemone flowers in pinks ranging from soft muted to warm bright raspberry, with warm dark centers and green accents. The anemones were hand painted onto the cake and combined with 3D flowers for a nice combination effect.

The cake has a modern feel with its ivory, champagne color palette and the anemones add a spring feel to the cake while keeping the modern theme intact. In addition to the flowers, the bottom and top tiers are wrapped in ruffles with

From the feature:

“To achieve the delicate 3-D sugar anemones on the splurge cake cake, I had to cut, mold, and carefully attach each petal, a process that can be painstaking! Less-labor-intensive 2-D flowers give a romantic cake a modern vibe—and save money.”

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