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Groom’s Cakes (822)

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I’m sorry for not posting more treats this week, but it’s been very busy here…We recently had the opportunity to film a TV special for Martha Stewart’s The Art of Wedding Cakes II which will be airing on the Style Network on December 16th.

They spent the day at Pink Cake Box and asked us to show off some of our groom’s cakes. So here is a sneak peak at one of cakes we worked on for the show – a beer cake:

Groom Cake Guinness Cake

Here’s a photo Josh took while the camera crew was at the store:

Groom Cake Guinness Cake

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9 Comments for “Groom’s Cakes”

  • Harriett says:

    Wow, if that isn’t creative. Really nice and different. What type of frosting is that on top that looks like the suds of the beer? This cake is really neat.

  • Deidra says:

    That is a awesome cake! I wish there was somewhere locally that I could attend school to learn to create beautiful cake like the ones you have created. What do you recommend for someone that does not have a Pastry Art Program close by to learn how to create masterpieces like yours? Are you going tohave any classes anytime soon! I sure hope so. Deidra~Alabama

  • says:

    wow cool cant wait to see it – can you also post up on your website incase we miss it!! thank you Lol! good job!!

  • Dana says:

    Hello Anne , I have opened a brand new blog Christening Baptism Needs. A group of us will be doing blog reviews related to the topic. I have posted a blog review about your fantastic creations. I hope you won’t mind using one of your pics ? Here is the link for you …. would you be interested in joining our blogging group ? We will need one posting on the topic per week , are you game ? Dana

  • Anne says:

    Thanks everyone.

    @Dana -Thanks for the blog post! And thanks for the invite to your group – but I barely have time to keep up with this blog 🙂 Thanks anyway!

    @Deidra – Practice makes perfect Deidra. I would recommending getting training at a local culinary school and then getting an internship at a local bakery to start.

    @Harriet – Thanks. That’s buttercream on the top

  • Dana says:

    My reply dissapeared into thin air !
    Anne, you can’t blame a girl for trying , right ? Do you mind if from time to time your christening cakes appear on my blogs ? With backlinks …. Dana

  • Pink Heels says:

    Congratulations on the opportunity to be highlighted on Martha Stewart! Jennifer

  • sara says:

    please add the video when you can!! i missed the show i don’t have the style channel. I’m obsessed with your cakes. i look at your blog every single day.. no joke!!

    • Anne says:

      Sara – We haven’t seen it either as Cablevision doesn’t offer the Style network. Hopefully someone can provide us with a copy. Thanks for your comment!

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