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Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo (1864)

Dog, Cat & Turtle Groom's Cake

Dog, Cat & Turtle Groom's Cake

My husband has been asking for a dog for years. After making this cake, I’m wondering if a dog cake would be a better alternative? This 3d sculpted cake includes a black lab mutt with a cat sitting on top of his head. The entire cake was chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream.

Close-up of doggy with kitten on top

Close-up of Dog with Cat on top

The groom’s cake was inspired by photos of the couple’s animals which they collectively refer to as “Our Zoo”.

Close-up of Turtle Cake

Close-up of Turtle

Here’s a close-up of the little turtle tagging along with the dog and cat.

Back of Dog cake Kitten's Legs Dangling

Back of Dog cake with Kitten's Legs Dangling

Here’s the cute cat with his legs dangling down the side of the black lab’s backside. Also, as a nod to the groom’s favorite football team, notice the Jet’s collar around the dogs neck.

From the video we shot at the bakery:

We have a groom’s cake – which includes a little cat atop this black doggy’s head. Over here is a little turtle which looks very realistic (I don’t like reptiles by the way!). That’s “Our Zoo” is the message on the cake board. You’ll also notice the dog has a Jet’s collar on. We’ll spin the cake and so you can see the cat with his little legs dangling. I would like to see this actually happen in real life!

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