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Sculpted Cakes

If you can imagine, we can sculpt it in cake form! From life size people to dogs, cats, trucks, arcade games and more we’ve been baking memories for 10 years at our location in Denville, NJ.
“Dennis Bat” Shopkins Birthday Cake
JJ turned 6 yesterday and we celebrated at the bakery with a shopkins ...

(3069) “Dennis Bat” Shopkins Birthday Cake

Groom’s Bulldog Cake
We worked with Traci to create this surprise groom’s cake for he...

(2997) Groom’s Bulldog Cake

Medieval Castle Cake
We were honored to create this castle cake for a celebration at Camp S...

(2992) Medieval Castle Cake

Bird House Cake
What do you make for your favorite uncle’s 70th birthday? A Bird...

(2985) Bird House Cake

Lipstick Birthday Cake
We worked with Jane to design this lipstick case for Michelle’s ...

(2968) Lipstick Birthday Cake

Wine Barrel Cake
We worked with Angela to design this special 75 birthday wine barrel c...

(2965) Wine Barrel Cake

Rubber Ducky Bathtub Baby Shower Cake
We created a baby shower Rosemary’s daughter a couple of years a...

(2951) Rubber Ducky Bathtub Baby Shower Cake

DeLorean Cake
DeLorean, the company that manufactured the iconic sports car from “...

(2929) DeLorean Cake

Buddha 21st Birthday Cake
Weighing in at 150 lbs, this buddha cake was created based off an actu...

(2841) Buddha 21st Birthday Cake

Rolex Watch Birthday Cake
For Sean’s 50th we fashioned this sculpted Rolex watch cake with...

(2781) Rolex Watch Birthday Cake

Hickory Dickory Dock – The Mouse Ran up The Clock
Hickory Dickory Dock, An elephant ran up the clock. The clock is curre...

(2774) Hickory Dickory Dock – The Mouse Ran up The Clock

Ford F150 Birthday Cake
We fashioned this purple 1953 Ford 150 cake for a 50th birthday celebr...

(2769) Ford F150 Birthday Cake

Serge’s Lego Birthday Cake
My big brother just turned 40! For several years we’ve been post...

(2753) Serge’s Lego Birthday Cake

“Bun in the Oven” Baby Shower Cake
This little bun is almost done baking! The delicious sweet bun has bee...

(2709) “Bun in the Oven” Baby Shower Cake

Retirement Casket Cake
We created this cake my friend’s parents who were retiring their...

(2679) Retirement Casket Cake

Cactus Cake
This 40th birthday cake was created for Milen’s 40th birthday. T...

(2678) Cactus Cake

Beer Pong Groom’s cake
Beer pong, also known as Beruit in some areas, is a game where players...

(2675) Beer Pong Groom’s cake

Sculpted 95th Birthday Cake!
Five years ago we had the pleasure of creating a 90th birthday cake fo...

(2659) Sculpted 95th Birthday Cake!

Birthday Television Set Cake
Remember the days of indoor antennas and picture-tube TV sets? Televis...

(2642) Birthday Television Set Cake

Dentist Chair Graduation Cake
This cake is a real jaw dropper! (Excuse the pun!) Janet’s son M...

(2630) Dentist Chair Graduation Cake

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake
We were thrilled and excited to work with BBC America to design this T...

(2559) ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake

Rena’s Sleepover Themed Birthday Cake
Back in 2007 Rena’s mom Abbie reached out to us for Rena’s...

(2556) Rena’s Sleepover Themed Birthday Cake

Teddy Bear 30th Birthday Cake
Tanya’s husband reached out to us to design a sculpted birthday ...

(2521) Teddy Bear 30th Birthday Cake

Polar Bear Birthday Cake
We’ve done polar bear inspired cakes before, but nothing this hu...

(2518) Polar Bear Birthday Cake

Gluten Free Bulldog Cake
We’ve done several bulldog cakes over the years, but are always ...

(2499) Gluten Free Bulldog Cake

Rhino Groom’s cake
Inez reached out to a few weeks ago to help design a sculpted Rhinocer...

(2442) Rhino Groom’s cake

Slot Machine Birthday Cake
Drew reached out to use to create a one-of-a-kind cake for his wife...

(2406) Slot Machine Birthday Cake

Mia’s 6th Birthday Circus Elephant Cake
Over the last few years we’ve done a few cakes for Mia and were ...

(2386) Mia’s 6th Birthday Circus Elephant Cake

Empire State Building Birthday Cake
Joey celebrated his 60th birthday with the iconic empire state buildin...

(2376) Empire State Building Birthday Cake

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake!
Guess what filling is inside this cake? 🙂 Paula reached out to us a...

(2350) Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake
Devona contacted us to help design a cake for her son’s third bi...

(2321) Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Ava’s Birthday Giraffe Cake
Happy Birthday Ava! The highlight of Ava’s cake is the lounging ...

(2297) Ava’s Birthday Giraffe Cake

Black Hawk Helicopter Cake
We were honored to make this blackhawk helicopter cake for a major sup...

(2294) Black Hawk Helicopter Cake

Workout Themed Birthday Cake
Into bodybuilding? Well this is our first bodybuilder/workout themed c...

(2279) Workout Themed Birthday Cake

Bar Mitzvah Baby Grand Piano Cake
We worked with Stacey from Craig Neier Associates to design this baby ...

(2275) Bar Mitzvah Baby Grand Piano Cake

Butch’s 60th Birthday Dog Cake
Liz’s dad Butch celebrated his 60th birthday this past weekend. ...

(2274) Butch’s 60th Birthday Dog Cake

“Fashion Night Out” Dress Cake
Stacy reached out to us back in July to collaborate on this Bat Mitzva...

(2263) “Fashion Night Out” Dress Cake

Kitchen Inspired Groom’s Cake
Enjoy cooking with a touch of whimsy? This unique groom’s cake i...

(2248) Kitchen Inspired Groom’s Cake

Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake
Stephanie and her fiance celebrated their nuptials at the Liberty Hous...

(2245) Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake

Turtle Cake
Peter reached out to us to create a sculpted turtle cake for his wife&...

(2221) Turtle Cake

Eye Shadow Compact Cake
This cake, fashioned off a designer eye shadow compact, was created fo...

(2218) Eye Shadow Compact Cake

Geode Wedding Cake
Inna reached out to us to asking if we could help her design a geode w...

(2192) Geode Wedding Cake

Tractor Trailer Truck Cake
My son is in a truck phase, so I was excited when Christine from Gray ...

(2178) Tractor Trailer Truck Cake

Snow Leopard Birthday Cake
Chris reached out to us and asked if we could design a special cake fo...

(2171) Snow Leopard Birthday Cake

The Italian Sandwich Cake
Our favorite sandwich shop in Denville has reopened! Like many stores ...

(2170) The Italian Sandwich Cake

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We've been baking memories at our shop in Denville, NJ for nearly 10 years and are so fortunate to have the most supportive customers!

Groom’s Bulldog Cake
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(2997) Groom’s Bulldog Cake

I ordered a bulldog grooms cake for my husband at our wedding. I am BEYOND satisfied with the final product! Pink Cake Box made a replica of our dog and it came out AMAZING! Every detail was on key to make the cake look life like. My husband loved it! Thank you so much for making such a MAGNIFICENT cake!

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