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Jester Topsy Turvy Cake
This third birthday topsy turvy cake had yellow cake with chocolate fi...

(332) Jester Topsy Turvy Cake

Groom’s Guitar Cake
We delivered this groom’s cake to the Sheraton hotel in East Han...

(316) Groom’s Guitar Cake

Baked Potato Cake
We delivered this potato cake to the Lincoln Harbor yacht club in Weeh...

(317) Baked Potato Cake

Mardi Gras Theme Birthday Cake
White cake with oreo filling and decorated with sugarpaste mask, feath...

(305) Mardi Gras Theme Birthday Cake

Artist’s Palette Cake
Yellow cake with strawberry buttercream filling....

(298) Artist’s Palette Cake

Football Fanatics Wedding Cake
This Football themed wedding cake topped with a helmet, was created a ...

(286) Football Fanatics Wedding Cake

Mercury Cougar Groom’s Cake
This 1969 reproduction of the Mercury Cougar convertible was for a gro...

(283) Mercury Cougar Groom’s Cake

Poker Chip Grooms Cake
This extra-large stack of poker chips was created for a poker-enthusia...

(248) Poker Chip Grooms Cake

Designer Purse Bridal Shower Cake
This Almond Cake with raspberry filling was created for a bridal showe...

(247) Designer Purse Bridal Shower Cake

Dump Truck Birthday Cake
My nephew loves trucks, so I was excited when our client reached out t...

(1670) Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Mardi Gras 30th Birthday Cake
This Mardi Gras themed white cake is filled with hazelnut and raspberr...

(236) Mardi Gras 30th Birthday Cake

Whimsical Topsy Turvy Cake
This whimsical topsy turvy cake was created for a Bat Mitzvah. All thr...

(231) Whimsical Topsy Turvy Cake

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Bridal Shower Cake
Good things always come in little blue boxes! We took a slightly diffe...

(230) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Bridal Shower Cake

1st Birthday Castle Cake
This castle cake was designed for a princess and it matched the color ...

(217) 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Bridal Shower Designer Handbag Cake
White cake with raspberry chambord buttercream...

(211) Bridal Shower Designer Handbag Cake

Birthday Shopping Bag Cake
Another one of our popular cakes was requested for a 30th Birthday in ...

(201) Birthday Shopping Bag Cake

Happy Birthday Shopping Bag Cake
Similar to our purse cake done in October, this shopping bag cake comp...

(194) Happy Birthday Shopping Bag Cake

Las Vegas Wedding Roulette Cake
We created heart suit cookies and this roulette cake for a post Las Ve...

(165) Las Vegas Wedding Roulette Cake

Sweet 16 Castle Cake & Cookies
This 3-tier castle cake was created for an “Enchanted ForestR...

(155) Sweet 16 Castle Cake & Cookies

Shoebox and Purse Bridal Shower Cake
This chocolate cake with mocha filling was for a bride with a love for...

(150) Shoebox and Purse Bridal Shower Cake

Cupcake Billiards for 50th Birthday Party
Completely edible billiards cupcake rack with pool cue, chalk and scor...

(804) Cupcake Billiards for 50th Birthday Party

Poker themed Groom’s Cake
This groom’s cake, designed for a poker fanatic, is a chocolate ...

(1252) Poker themed Groom’s Cake

Birthday Airplane Cake
Growing up I’ve always had a fascination with aviation and I usu...

(1841) Birthday Airplane Cake

Pink Castle Cake
We delivered this princess castle cake with chocolate filling for a gi...

(1251) Pink Castle Cake

Starry Night
So a client asked me to create an interpretation of Van Gogh’s &...

(97) Starry Night

Flip-Flop Cake
This Flip Flop cake was for a Pool Party for twin sisters! The sandals...

(96) Flip-Flop Cake

Two-Tier Hockey Rink Cake
I remember my brother, as a young boy, visiting my grandma’s hou...

(87) Two-Tier Hockey Rink Cake

Barbell Cake for the Bodybuilder
100 Pound Barbell Cake This cake was to celebrate a bodybuilder’...

(85) Barbell Cake for the Bodybuilder

Grooms Cake – Film Reel Cake
Film Reel Cake The couple owns a production company and the bride surp...

(77) Grooms Cake – Film Reel Cake

Hockey Cake
Hockey Yellow Cake with Chocolate Filling Close-up of Hockey Net Cake ...

(66) Hockey Cake

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!
I’ve been fortunate enough in the past few weeks to receive a lo...

(41) Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

House Cake Replica

(40) House Cake Replica

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Snow Leopard Birthday Cake
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(2171) Snow Leopard Birthday Cake

There are no words I can adequately use to tell you how beautiful this cake was. I hated to even cut it, but since I am a veterinarian, I was tasked with making that first incision! It was beyond MY dream cake - being a big cat lover - notably snow leopards..and being a HUGE Deadliest Catch fan. My dream bday cake would have cats/crabs but this was beyond anything in my head. The detail on the cat and the crab are stunning. Your work is amazing !!! AND the cake was delicious - banana with hazelnut and chocolate fillings. EVERYONE was impressed. You are amazingly talented artists!

Many many thanks to Allison for her patience with me during the ordering process. I spent time researching the Internet for a quality cake designer, but the few I found within 100 miles were unable to accommodate the relatively short notice (just over a month). However, I was wowed by the artistry I witnessed in the Pink Cake Box gallery. I sent them an email request and Allison contacted me the next day.

Given Anne's background and experience, I was thrilled that they were willing to help me surprise Christine for her birthday. I spent a few days hashing out what exactly I should get in terms of size, shape, theme, and flavors. Allison guided me along and for that I am grateful.

When we arrived at the Stone Bar Inn for the party, Christine thought there was a stuffed animal snow leopard on the bar. When her friends told her to look at her cake, she freaked out!

Not having had a chance to visit the Pink Cake Box facility for sampling, I trusted that the cake would accurately represent what Allison and I discussed visually, and that the cake would be pleasing to the palate. But, when I took my first bite of Christine's cake, I was stupefied at how much better it tasted than I had expected. This was, hands down, the best, most moist and flavorful cake I had ever eaten.

If I ever need such a cake again, I will definitely turn to Anne and her talented crew.

Thanks again, Pink Cake Box, for helping me make the best of my beautiful wife's 40th birthday!

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