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Grooms Cakes

The groom’s cake is a tradition that has origins from the south and is traditionally given as a surprise to the groom from the bride. Cakes typically represent the groom’s favorite things and we’ve done cakes running the gamut from cars to sports to dogs to the band KISS. Whatever themed you have in mind, we can sculpt the perfect cake!
Groom’s Bulldog Cake
We worked with Traci to create this surprise groom’s cake for he...

(2997) Groom’s Bulldog Cake

Beer Pong Groom’s cake
Beer pong, also known as Beruit in some areas, is a game where players...

(2675) Beer Pong Groom’s cake

KISS Totem Pole Groom’s Cake
Our general manager Nicole and her new husband John were married over ...

(2654) KISS Totem Pole Groom’s Cake

Groom’s Hunting & Sports Themed Cake
We personalized this groom’s cake to incorporate hunting, hiking...

(2624) Groom’s Hunting & Sports Themed Cake

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake
We were thrilled and excited to work with BBC America to design this T...

(2559) ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake

Sporty Bulldog Groom’s cake
Continuing our line bulldog of cakes, we created this football loving ...

(2552) Sporty Bulldog Groom’s cake

Gluten Free Bulldog Cake
We’ve done several bulldog cakes over the years, but are always ...

(2499) Gluten Free Bulldog Cake

Bow Tie Dog Groom’s Cake
We love dog cakes! This dog is one of many cakes we have queued up to ...

(2493) Bow Tie Dog Groom’s Cake

Doggy Groom’s Basketball Cake
This past weekend we created a surprise groom’s cake for Suzanne...

(2389) Doggy Groom’s Basketball Cake

Stingray Groom’s Cake
This bluespotted stingray cake was created for a couple who both have ...

(2381) Stingray Groom’s Cake

Comic Themed Groom’s Cake
Raquel reached out to us to help her design a surprise groom’s c...

(2302) Comic Themed Groom’s Cake

Kitchen Inspired Groom’s Cake
Enjoy cooking with a touch of whimsy? This unique groom’s cake i...

(2248) Kitchen Inspired Groom’s Cake

Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake
Stephanie and her fiance celebrated their nuptials at the Liberty Hous...

(2245) Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake

Sports Gym Bag Cake
This groom’s cake featured a sculpted duffel bag. Spilling out o...

(2232) Sports Gym Bag Cake

Pancake Groom’s Cake
The pancakes atop this groom’s cake with a pale blue table cloth...

(2231) Pancake Groom’s Cake

Cap & Puggles Groom’s Cake
We blended the groom’s love of baseball and sports along with th...

(2219) Cap & Puggles Groom’s Cake

Classic 60’s Groom’s Car Cake
Cynthia asked us to help replicate her fiance’s classic car, a 1...

(2128) Classic 60’s Groom’s Car Cake

Sculpted Dog Groom’s Cake
Danielle reached out to us several months ago asking us if we could cr...

(2020) Sculpted Dog Groom’s Cake

Dump Truck Cake
What do you get for a groom who owns a trucking company specializing i...

(1920) Dump Truck Cake

Sushi Platter Groom’s Cake
The last sushi groom’s cake we did was back in 2009. So it was a...

(1916) Sushi Platter Groom’s Cake

Lucy the Bulldog
What do you do for a bulldog that has her own facebook page? You make ...

(1906) Lucy the Bulldog

Golf Ball Groom’s Cake
This oversized groom’s golf ball cake was created for a couple t...

(1879) Golf Ball Groom’s Cake

Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo
My husband has been asking for a dog for years. After making this cake...

(1864) Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo

The Catch of a Lifetime!
For a wedding at the shore in Point Pleasant, NJ this weekend we recre...

(1859) The Catch of a Lifetime!

Fisherman’s Grooms Cake
For this two tier groom’s cake we incorporated the groom’s...

(1685) Fisherman’s Grooms Cake

Cop Car Groom’s Cake
How cute is the little doggy hanging from the window of this cop car? ...

(1594) Cop Car Groom’s Cake

Standing Golf Bag Groom’s Cake
Old textured tan leather covers this gold bag fitted with classic silv...

(1585) Standing Golf Bag Groom’s Cake

Scuba Themed Groom’s Cake
The groom who received this cake loves to scuba dive – so much t...

(1515) Scuba Themed Groom’s Cake

Bloomberg Terminal Groom’s Cake
We were asked to recreate the popular bloomberg terminal in cake form ...

(3011) Bloomberg Terminal Groom’s Cake

Groom’s Cake Beach Scene
I hope everyone had a relaxing July 4th weekend – much like what...

(1482) Groom’s Cake Beach Scene

Yorkie Rehearsal Cake
Our first Yorkie cake! This little one has a pink bow with rhinestones...

(1474) Yorkie Rehearsal Cake

French Mastiff Dog Groom’s Cake
We were approached by Franny asking us if we could create a replica of...

(1310) French Mastiff Dog Groom’s Cake

World of Warcraft Groom’s Cake
This cake represents the popular World of Warcraft online role-playing...

(1174) World of Warcraft Groom’s Cake

Himalayan Cat Groom’s Cake
This sculpted cake was fashioned after the groom’s cat.  The ca...

(1158) Himalayan Cat Groom’s Cake

Golf Bag Groom’s Cake
This 3d sculpted nut-free golf bag cake is filled with chocolate cake ...

(1134) Golf Bag Groom’s Cake

Tuxedo Monkey Groom’s Cake
This groom’s cake is themed around a cute monkey in a tuxedo eat...

(1125) Tuxedo Monkey Groom’s Cake

MH-60 Sierra Helicopter Groom’s Cake
Lindsey reached out to us back in August and asked us to create this M...

(1124) MH-60 Sierra Helicopter Groom’s Cake

Native American Inukshuk Groom’s Cake
This 3d sculpture was created as a surprise groom’s cake to comp...

(1095) Native American Inukshuk Groom’s Cake

Sushi Groom’s Cake

(1038) Sushi Groom’s Cake

Groom’s Pizza Cake
We created this cake for a bride’s fiancé who is a “pizza...

(1066) Groom’s Pizza Cake

Nintendo Groom’s Cake
I’ll never forget the first time I played Super Mario Brother...

(1048) Nintendo Groom’s Cake

Bulldog Cakes
For the first time in Pink Cake Box’s history, we created two bu...

(1046) Bulldog Cakes

Groom’s Tiger Cake
Special thanks to Marie Labbancz of Marie Labbancz Photography and the...

(9121) Groom’s Tiger Cake

Rafting Groom’s Cake
This groom’s cake was featured on Martha Stewart’s special...

(900) Rafting Groom’s Cake

Video Game Console Groom’s Cake
This was a surprise video game console groom’s cake for a weddin...

(859) Video Game Console Groom’s Cake

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Groom’s Bulldog Cake
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(2997) Groom’s Bulldog Cake

I ordered a bulldog grooms cake for my husband at our wedding. I am BEYOND satisfied with the final product! Pink Cake Box made a replica of our dog and it came out AMAZING! Every detail was on key to make the cake look life like. My husband loved it! Thank you so much for making such a MAGNIFICENT cake!

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