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Gabby’s Shopping Bat Mitzvah Cake (2360)

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Gabby’s Shopping and Fashion Bat Mitzvah Cake

Gabby celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at the Cipriani in New York City this past weekend. Working with the Gabby’s mother Ronit, we designed this shopping/fashion cake for the event.

Cute dog peering out from shopping bag

Cute dog peering out from shopping bag

At the top of the cake sits a white shopping bag with a black and white picture of Gabby and a logo designed for the party. Inside the bag is hot pink fondant tissue with a cute dog popping out.

Fashionable Brown Shopping Bag Cake

Brown Shopping Bag for Gabby’s Bat Mitzvah Cake

The next tier includes another brown shopping back white white fondant tissue paper. Underneath the shopping bag is a white and hot pink striped round box with black tissue paper. Lip gloss, nail polish, make-up brush, eye shadow compact sit at the base of the tier to the right.

Ring gum paste

Gorgeous ring!

The final tier is a closed tiffany gift box with light pink ballet slippers leaning at the base. Several other mementos sit at the base of the tier including chocolate ice cream, a silver bracelete with copper hear charm, a ring, and cell phone with a screen shot sent by Ronit.

Silver heart charm, cell phone and oreos

Silver heart charm with oreos and mobile phone

Congratulations Gabby! Hope you enjoyed your celebration and cake!

Here’s a video we shot at the shop:

Update: Another smaller version of this popular cake:

Federica's 10th Birthday Fashionista Cake

Federica’s 10th Birthday Fashionista Cake

Not to be outdone, Federica’s 10th birthday cake was inspired by Gabby’s shopping inspired cake. The smaller three tier topsy turvy cake includes many similar features like the white and hot pink circular gift box, a big brown shopping bag, ballet slippers and spiraled fondant lollipops.

Unlike Gabby’s cake we devoted an entire tier to candy with rows of candy dots around the cake’s second tier. Happy Birthday Gabby!

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