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Food Network Challenge – Blind Date Cakes (1027)

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Birthday Cake for Food Network Competition

So I can breathe a little now that the show has aired. It’s pretty scary watching yourself on TV…I notice weird things like the fact that I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating… 🙂 haha.

Anyway – I wanted to share some photos of the challenge now that I can…it was a really fun challenge and I am proud of the cake that Cathy and I put forward, whether or not it looked like a ‘wedding cake’. Really, after the last challenge, the goal was just to make a pretty cake – so that’s what we tried to do 🙂 ! I was pretty steadfast about not changing the design too much – so that I didn’t run out of time…

Anyway – just wanted to share some pics and thank everyone for the great support!!!!

Lastly, here is a close-up of the fantasy flowers we created:

Fantasy Flowers Cake

And I should mention that Josh Rael, my bachelor on the show, has his own website where you can listen to some of his music.

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26 Comments for “Food Network Challenge – Blind Date Cakes”

  • jenn says:

    I thought you did a great job on the show this time, and I absolutely would have chosen your cake. It was by far my favorite. Congrats on a job well done!

  • Kim says:

    Great job! We loved this challenge and loved your cake. It was so clean and elegant looking! We wanted you to win too but you should be proud!

  • Valerie says:

    I watched the show tonight and liked your cake the best. Beautiful work! (and all hard workers stick their tongue out when they concentrate) 🙂

  • Kristin says:

    I loved your cake!! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I love your cake-style. My 3 year old usually looks at your cakes with me, so when he saw you on the challenge tonight he said “Mommy – it’s the pink box lady!! I want her to win!” When we were watching my husband got mad when one of the judges asked the bachelorette what she thought about it being so white. He thought the judge was subliminally telling her it looked wedding cakish. Great job and we all three hope to see you on future challenges!

  • Libby says:

    I just finished watching (sorry, had to watch Survivor first!) 😉 – I thought you did an amazing job, your cake was absolutely gorgeous – the only one that looked like a cake a normal person would want for their birthday, not just a hodgepodge of a zillion different things! (although of course I admire the talent of all the competitors!) I totally noticed your tongue too, btw – hee hee. I thought it was cute. You seem so REAL! So fun to see you on the show after following your blog for so long!! I think you’re learning a lot about these challenges as you go and we’ll be watching you win one of these soon!!

  • jenny says:

    Congratulations for a wonderful cake, I cant even imagine how stressful that would have been! Well done…

  • Sue says:

    You and your teammate have a right to be very proud of yourselves. The cake was a winner and so are you!

  • Harriett says:

    Congratulation on the Food Network challenge. To have made it on the show this far is a great award in itself. I love your cake hands down-winner. You did a wonderful job. 🙂

  • Dianna says:

    I think you’re cake is the winner hands down. I love it the best! You are definately a VERY talented lady and I check your blog almost like an obsession for more beautiful ones. I love this site! Wish I had had your talent

  • Brittany K says:

    Your cake was amazing!
    Very elegant and classy.

  • Michael says:

    Stumbled on this site after watching this episode. Your cake looked really great, but I did get a wedding cake vibe. Unfortunately that’s just the association most of us have with cakes with a white base. I think if the challenge had not been associated with a date, it would have been a lot easier to overlook. The winning cake at its core was really good too, but it did end up being really cluttered and I thought that would cost them the win. Sorry Josh didn’t win the date, he seemed like a good guy and the birthday girl seemed great. I ended up in a similar situation to her with graduate school so its good to know there are actually single girls my age like her out there still, sometimes it seems like everyone has gotten married already lol. Anyway, good job and good luck in future challenges 🙂

  • Watched the show last night, you did great! Congratulations great job!

  • sarakate says:

    Great job on the challenge!

    I had stumbled across the blog, but not made the association between the blog & the previous challenge until I was watching the challenge tonight! My husband looked at me like I had lost my mind when I started jumping up & down and saying “oooh!!!! I know who that is, I know who that is!”

  • Cakedreamer says:

    Beautiful cake! I love these challenges and I’m bummed I missed out! Hopefully they’ll rerun it soon!

  • Brianna says:

    Hi Anne,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! again for creating that beautiful cake! It was very stressful only being able to pick one winning cake and knowing how much was on the line for you all. You are very talented! I’ll be watching for you on future challenges 🙂

    The ‘Bachelorette’ 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Thanks Everyone for your great support and enthusiasm for our cake!

      Brianna – It was great meeting you and don’t worry – I know it was a tough decision 🙂 I appreciate your kind note though! Best of luck to you!

  • Summer Rippe says:

    Really, really beautiful cake! I loved your fantasy flowers (can you do a tutorial? Please?!?) and the glittery silver. 🙂

  • Montee says:

    I just missed the show! I will have to checkout the re-run. Oh, about your tongue sticking out. It’s okay. Remember, Michael Jordan always stuck his tongue out when going in for the shot.

  • Jasmine says:

    I just got to watch the show today. You did beautiful work, as always. I really, really, REALLY, don’t think that looks like a wedding cake. It looks like a big, fancy birthday cake to me! Brianna was right, she only had the choice of one, which was a difficult choice. That’s what’s bad about the challenges, only one “winner”. You’re still a winner! Keep doing what you’re doing. I commend you for doing what you do in that amount of time. Now you got me wondering what faces I make when I’m decorating a cake but I have no intention of anyone every watching me since it is and always will be a hobby for me. Too stressful!!

    Keep up the great work! You already are a winner!

  • Hope says:

    okay so i totally saw that episode and loved your cake. i didn’t realize you gals were the “pink cake box”. i love it. i love your website. i love your ideas. you gals are fabulous. i’m in delaware so rock on jersey girls. 🙂

  • Teal says:

    I love this show i live the cakes they make they have so much detail i would love to be on the show

  • macy says:

    Saw this Challenge too! I loved the cake for myself!!!

  • juliana abboud says:

    hey .. i m juliana from Lebanon …. I Really, really loved the cakes!! plzz whould u want to open pink cake boxe here in Lebanon … Love u kisses 😀

  • vichenza says:

    hey i really really loved the cakes wow atto mexico!!!
    te admiro eres increible..

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