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Food Network Cake Challenge

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Diann let us know there is more information about the show on the Food Network Website
So part of me is really not happy with the other part of me that is writing this post. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I do knock on wood, or my head if a tree isn’t available…and I don’t open umbrellas inside…and I will swerve to avoid having a black cat cross my path…(which is more often than I’d like since my neighbor has one…a black cat that is). I digress…. I’m hesitant to write this post in fear that I might jinx myself…

But against my better judgment…here it goes! I’m competing in a Food Network Cake Challenge! I don’t know when it will air – but I will let you know when it does! I can’t really give any more information right now… but I will tell you that I’m excited and nervous and happy and sort of nauseous all at the same time. Yippy! Who doesn’t love elation with a twist of indigestion? It’s cool though because I have lots of Rolaids.

Well I just thought I’d blog about it – hopefully I will do ok…will finish my cake, it won’t spontaneously combust, and/or I don’t drop it…..although I don’t think anyone has done spontaneous combustion yet…so maybe that could be kind of fun….

There you go…a frighteningly realistic view of the thoughts that run through my crazy mind…

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