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After two years of development it’s finally here! (11)

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As a cake artist, I put a lot of pressure on myself to create cakes for my children that they will love. Realistically, I could probably buy them Fudgy the Whale and they’d be ok with that, however, I do enjoy a challenge!

So of course when my daughter’s second birthday rolled around, I was trying to decide what kind of cake to make for her party. Since she is a January baby, I wanted to incorporate winter somehow into my design. However, being a two year old girl, Piper loved all that involved princesses. So I decided to create a snow princess themed cake and I knew just how I wanted it to look.

Ruffle Knit Birthday Dessert Table

Piper’s 2nd Birthday Cake & Dessert Table

I began to search for a cable knit mold to create the look I wanted on the cake. My searches came up fruitless and my time was running out, so I did what any cake designer would do – and I called my mom! I begged her to knit me a piece of cable knit asap so I could make a mold. Using silicone plastique form Marvelous Molds
I made my very first knit mold. I only had one package of the silicone, so I had only one shot. Obviously, I was ecstatic when the fabric actually came off of the mold and was even more ecstatic with the result.

Original mold for Piper's Cake

Original mold for Piper’s Cake

Soon after I posted the photos, the response to the cable knit was overwhelming, and I knew I needed to create more and on a more professional level.

Princess Cake with 2 year old

Piper seeing her princess cake for the first time!

Cable Knit Mitten Cookies

Cable Knit Mitten Cookies

So after almost two years of development, I am so excited to debut my knit line created by the fabulous Dominic and his team at Marvelous Molds. With the artist prowess of a professional knitter, we created an insanely realistic line of molds that will satisfy all of your cake knit pattern needs!

Interesting in see more? CLICK HERE » to see the entire knit mold line

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