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Featured Pink Cake Boxer

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I am remiss that again this post is so long over-due…

Beverly Pink Cake Boxer of the MonthThe featured Pink Cake Boxer is Beverly Brimmer. Beverly joined Pink Cake Box in January 2008. She too studied at the French Culinary Institute and completed an internship with Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, in NYC.

Beverly has become our ‘cake monitor’….we gave her a hall badge and everything 🙂 No, but seriously – she is the cake ‘go-to’ person in regards to filling, carving and squaring off cakes. She has a great ability to turn sheet cake into items like cars, boats and helmets, and is a great teacher to newer employees. Not to mention, she is a very talented decorator as well – whether it’s creating detailed monograms or miniature golf bags!

Since starting with Pink Cake Box, Beverly has grown immensely and is an extremely devoted, loyal and responsible individual. She is almost ALWAYS happy (even when provoked lovingly by her co-workers) and takes on even the most dubious cakes with grace. Beverly is extremely patient and hard-working and she continually finishes beautiful creations…sometimes those that painstakingly take HOURS!

I am so impressed by her dedication and willingness to help, stay late, or lend a hand when needed. Through blood, sweat and tears….(No literally – she recently had 5 stitches in her finger!), Beverly has demonstrated what Pink Cake Box is all about – A passion for cake, and a dedication to the art form.

Congratulations Beverly! You deserve the recognition!

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10 Comments for “Featured Pink Cake Boxer”

  • Sugar Dimples says:

    I am so happy to have found your website! I look forward every day to your cake photos. I am a beginner cake decorator with high hopes. Thank you for all you do and for the beautiful designs.

  • Monica McDevitt says:

    I am so happy & proud to see our Beverly featured here. We too are very very proud of her. Beverly is my son’s girlfriend, and a big part of our family. Go Beverly!!!! Your success is our success and we are your cheerleaders. Your “home team” will always be there to cheer you on. Good luck honey, we are so proud of you. I check this website often and show all the people I work with. The cakes are just beautiful. It’s art in itself. We all ohhhh and ahhhhh over all the pictures. Just amazing. To the Pink Cake Box, good luck always, much success to everyone.

    Love to you Bev,
    From: Monica, Brendan, Jasmine, Josh & Keira

  • Laura C says:

    congrats to Beverly! You and your team are amazing artists!

  • Beverly says:

    Thanks everyone!!!

  • Laura Brimmer says:

    You go girl!!! We our very proud of you and you deserve the recognition!!!! We know that you have the talent and determnation to do anything that you wanted to do and you found it.
    The cakes our amazing, I check the website all the time, congrats to all!!! Thank you to Anne for giving our daughter the opportunity and support of doing what she loves to do!!
    We love you Beverly and our very proud of you and your accomplishments!!!! As, Monica said we our your cheerleaders!!!!

    Love, Mom, Dad, David and Mae

  • Auntie K says:

    Beverly is an amazing artist and everytime she brings us her creations I am truly amazed and proud that she has found her passion in life. I am glad she is flourishing at the Pink Cake Box and excited to watch her talents continue to dazzle us. Congrats Bev and to all the Pink Cake Boxers!

    Auntie K

  • Aimee says:

    Can I just say how awesome you guys are! I would LOVE to do what you do, I know it’s hard work but how satisfying it has to be! I love looking at and sharing your creations…I guess I’m just fascinated! Have a wonderful day!

  • Michelle says:

    I have a small home based business and Pink Cake Box is an inspiration for me. Your work is absolute fantastic and I love your passion but most importantly the recognition of your staff’s talent. I dream that one day I will be able to pursue my dream full time. Keep up the good work !

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