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“Fashion Night Out” Dress Cake (2263)

Bat Mitzvah Dress Form Cake

Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah Dress Form Cake

Stacy reached out to us back in July to collaborate on this Bat Mitzvah cake for her daughter Nicole. We had the honor of creating a cake for Stacy’s daughter Carly back in 2009. You can see that Bat Mitzvah cake here

Square cube bat mitzvah cake

Invitation Inspired Base of Dress form Cake

So of course we were thrilled to work on another cake for the family. The Bat Mitzvah celebration theme was “fashion night out” and the theme colors were pink, silver and white. Nicole is a fan of our mannequin dress cakes and we took elements of the party’s theme, colors and invitation into the presentation of the dress form cake.

Orange/Red Sugar Flower Skirt

Cascading orange, red and pink sugar flowers form the skirt of the dress cake

The bottom cube, which includes a mosaic of colorful geometric shapes, matches the design of the invitation. We incorporated Nicole’s monogrammed logo onto the front of the cake and included multiple layers of pearls around the base of the mannequin. You’ll also see a painted new york city pink silhouette in the background across the cube which was also inspired by the celebration’s invitation.

New York City landscape on base of cake

NY City landscape on base of cake

The dress mannequin, also inspired by the invitation, includes a combination of pink/red/orange sugar flowers as the skirt. And orange cummberbund and pink bow-tie top off the remaining decorations on the dress.

Flavors of the cake included our signature pink velvet with lemon cream cheese, chocolate with oreo and marble cake with chocolate filling. We delivered to the cake to Studio 450 in New York City.

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

Hope you enjoy the cake Nicole! Congratulations!

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