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Fancy Shoe & Shoebox Cake Video Tutorial

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Here is part I of the Fancy Shoe & Shoebox cake video tutorial that I promised for everyone:

Part I of high heel cake tutorial describing how to create a high heel structure out of gumpaste and modeling chocolate. The video shows how to create the high heel sole, inseam and heel. Below are some tips from the video:

Section 1: Create sole of the shoe

  • I take a real shoe and cut away the entire the top of the shoe so that all is left is the sole.
  • Create a template that fits on the shoe and use that to cut out gumpaste to place on the shoe.
  • Tip: If you want speed up the process you can add tylos to your gumpaste it will help it dry out a little better.
  • When making shoes, make the shoe pieces as far in advance as possible so they will be sturdy. This will help ensure stability when moving the cake structure.
  • Place powdered sugar on top of the sole of the shoe template so it doesn’t stick when you want to take it off later.
  • Roll the gumpaste to 1/8″ thick. Platform shoes should be thicker.

Section II: Making the High Heel Instep

  • First create a template out of black gumpaste using an exacto knife. I rolled it out to about 1/16 of an inch.
  • You can create a template if necessary – in this case I did the cut freehand.
  • The black instep should be a bit smaller then the white sole me made previous. I cut about 1/4″ inch on each side.
  • To create stitch pattern, I used a stitch tool to give the impression the instep was sewn into the shoe.
  • Place water on top of the sole before applying the Instep.
  • Let the instep dry for a few days to ensure firmness

Section III: Making the Heel

  • I use modeling chocolate or gumpaste to make the heel.
  • When using modeling chocolate I let it dry for about 2 weeks and then wrap gumpaste around it to match the color of the shoe.
  • Tip: You can create several heels out of modeling chocolate to use as basis for other future designs.
  • First I roll the modeling chocolate into a log. I measure the height of the heel using the model shoe we started with.
  • Tip: I like to add a skewer through the heel to add extra support. This is also good when placing the shoe on top of the cake as it can be used to support the shoe.
  • I put a 45 degree angle for the heel to fit the sole appropriately.
  • I let the heel dry a few days. In the case of modeling chocolate it generally only needs to dry for one day.

I hope you enjoy the video. We are taping for another cake challenge in California this week so expect the next one to be posted a week from now…

Part I Video Tutorial | Part II Video Tutorial | Part III Video Tutorial

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