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Fall Themed Wedding Cake with Doggy (1994)

Wedding cake with Doggy

Wedding cake with Doggy

The highlight of this asymmetrically stacked 4 tier wedding cake is the small sculpted beagle named Buddy taking a bite out of the cake. Buddy is looking over slyly at the cake as a small amount of icing and cake rests on his tongue.

White pumpkins, orange, red, and yellow bittersweet berries and cascading fall leaves highlight the rest of the cakes decorations. The entire cake is covered in ivory fondant with shimmery deep red bands around the base of each tier.

Flavors and fillings matched the cakes fall theme and included apple spice with caramel buttercream and chocolate with raspberry chambord and chocolate. We delivered the cake to the Orange Law Country Club in South Orange, NJ.

Close-up of Beagle Dog

Close-up of Beagle Dog

Capturing Buddy’s essence was important to us and the client. We worked in several of Buddy’s unique features including his little brown spots that dot the front of his two paws. Also we made sure to include the appropriate amount of the dog’s characteristic white fur to appropriately capture Buddy’s wise old age.

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

Rena left us this wonderful note on our Facebook page:

THAT’S OUR CAKE! Thank you so much everyone at the bakery. We loved it and everyone thought it was amazing. We’re so grateful for the hard work you guys put in, particularly on the details on Buddy. His paw freckles were PERFECT!

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