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Quinceañera Fairy Tale Carriage Cake (2664)

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This unique Quinceañera cake includes two carriage cakes both pulled by two magnificent horses.

Fairytale Horse drawn Carriage Cake for Quinceañera

Fairy tale Horse drawn Carriage Cake for Quinceañera

The main carriage cake is topped with baby pink fondant and a gold scrolled tiara. Representing the birthday girl, the base of the tier displays a few figures including a girl surrounded by shopping bags and another girl doing make up.

The next set of tiers are decorated with additional figures including a “sporty” girl with a golf club in one hand and volleyball in other. The center of the tier includes a chef holding a mixing bowl and next to the chef is a dancing ballerina. All the figures are representative of the birthday girl and have special meaning to the family.

Topsy Turvy Carriage Cake with crown and sugar figures

Topsy Turvy Carriage Cake with crown and sugar figures

Two white horses lead the cake procession and are pulling a white and round carriage sitting on gold wheels.

Pair of white horses

Pair of white horses

We delivered the entire setup to Valeria’s Palacio in Goshen NY.

We were thrilled to get this email from Valeria after the event!

Hi Anne, how are you? I just wanted to thank you for the amazing cake. It looked so beautiful, the cake models were amazing. Everyone was amazed by it and it was delicious! Thank you very much!
Valeria 🙂

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