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Fabulous Food Inspired Cakes

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Food Inspired Cakes

One of the best ways to pay homage to your favorite food is to make it into a cake.  That’s right, food inspired cakes are a unique way to celebrate an event, honor a groom, or create an eye-catching display.  We’ve gathered some of our favorite food-shaped cakes for you to see, and they might just make you do a double take!

Grilled Cheese Cake

A comfort food cake?  Why not?  A grilled cheese cake can become the talk of an event.  It makes guests chuckle and it certainly tastes great, too!  This sculpted cake even featured ‘melted’ fondant cheese and a pretend foil base.  It was created for a birthday party and our clients told us it was a huge hit!  Notice the ‘bread’ even looks toasted?

Cake that looks like food - Grilled Cheese!

A grilled cheese cake, complete with toasted bread!

Grilled Steak Cake

Speaking of grilled, how about a cake masquerading as a steak?  This cake, designed for a 40th birthday celebration, featured a side of sculpted mashed potatoes, a bottle of pretend wine, and salt and pepper shakers.  The shakers featured the bear and bull stock symbols on them, too, as an added personal touch for our client.

Steak Dinner as a Cake

A cake shaped like a steak – complete with mashed potatoes!

Italian Sandwich Cake

Like many areas of New Jersey, Sergio and Co. of Denville was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2011.  When the shop finally reopened, we helped them celebrate in style with an Italian sandwich cake!  Our sculpted Italian sandwich featured replicas of ham, prosciutto, mortadella, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and greens on an ‘italian roll.’  Mangia!

Italian Cake Sandwich

An italian sandwich cake for Sergio and Co. of Denville, NJ

Ravioli Cake

Speaking of Italian food, we created a ravioli themed cake for Anne’s brother, Serge, when he turned 33.  The cake was made to look like a pot of ravioli bubbling on the stove.  Each ravioli was filled with chocolate fondant, and the cake interior was chocolate cake with oreos and cream filling.

Serges Ravioli Birthday Cake on the Stove Top!

A food-inspired ravioli cake, right on the ‘stove top!’

Wine and Cheese Cake

For some lighter fare, here’s a cake made to look like a mahogany wood box filled with wine (made of poured sugar) a chunk of fondant provolone, and hand-sculpted grapes.  The interior was alternating vanilla and chocolate with cannoli filling.

grapes with sugar bottle and crate cake

A cake disguised as a wine and cheese box

You can check out a few more of our ‘Italian inspired’ food cakes here, including a cake shaped like wine, a cutting board of cheese and prosciutto, and a cutting board of fresh veggies!

Fried Chicken Cake

I love the creative touch of the birthday message written in ketchup for this fried chicken birthday cake!

Fried Chicken Bucket Cake

Timmy and Jordan’s Fried Chicken Birthday Cake

Sushi Cake

If Italian food is not your style, how about a sushi cake?  Here’s a look at some of our favorite sushi cakes, including this groom’s cake with chopsticks and sculpted sushi on a wooden block.

Sushi Cake

What could be better than sushi cake?

And this groom’s cake featured sushi, sashimi and an interior of chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling.

Sushi Platter on wooden board with chopsticks

Another sushi shaped cake with chopsticks

How about a single sushi piece complete with wasabi, ginger, soy sauce and chopsticks? This is Maki sushi which is the more traditional style with the seaweed on the outside:

Maki Sushi 30th Birthday Cake

Maki Sushi 30th Birthday Cake

And finally a close-up of a salmon roll:

Salmon Roll

Salmon Roll

Vegetable Garden Cake

An ultimate trick of the eye, this healthy basket of fresh vegetables is actually a cake in disguise!  It was created for a special birthday celebration, and featured fondant tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, squash and kale.  Personal touches included a bottle of wine made of poured sugar, and the birthday girl’s pretend recipe for an ‘extra healthy green smoothie.’  Here’s a video we created of the cake at our shop.

Garden Vegetable 40th Birthday Cake

A cake shaped like a basket of veggies and a personalized bottle of wine.

Burger Cakes

A burger cake is a fun addition to a wedding, and this one was created as a groom’s cake, complete with fondant onions, tomatoes and cheese.  But don’t be fooled, the interior was almond cake with mocha filling!

Cheeseburger Cake

A burger cake? Yes, please!

We created a similar burger cake for a birthday celebration, but added a red fondant covered cake board, and made the patty look slightly overdone by request!

Cheeseburger Birthday Cake

This burger cake is purposely ‘well-done.’

Baked Potato Cake

A burger needs a side dish, so how about this baked potato cake to accompany it?  A real trick of the eye, this baked potato cake featured a slab of fondant butter, crinkled foil, and peeled potato skin!  The interior was a spiced cake with raspberry chambord  filling.  Also included with this fabulous cake was a mashed potato pie!

Hot Potato Cake with Melted Butter

Have you ever seen a baked potato cake before?

Pancakes Cake

We can’t forget to represent breakfast in our collection of food shaped cakes!  This stack of pancakes looks like it just came off the griddle.  Complete with butter, syrup, fresh fruit and powdered sugar, it’s the breakfast of champions!  The pancakes sit atop their own fondant blue tablecloth, and were created especially for the groom at a rehearsal dinner.

Grooms Breaktfast Pancake Cake

A groom’s cake shaped like pancakes

Milk and Cookies

Our  favorite desserts can be disguised as cakes, too!  This Milk and Cookies cake was created for a cookie themed birthday party, and featured ‘spilled milk,’ striped straws and fondant cookies scattered throughout. The cake interior was pumpkin with hazelnut buttercream and blue velvet with vanilla buttercream.  You can view more of our unique cake interiors here.

Milk and Cookies Birthday Cake

Milk and cookies cake! Don’t cry over the spilled ‘milk!’

Giant S’mores Cake

This cake is perfect for a summer event or anyone who appreciates this gooey classic treat.  Our giant s’mores cake was created for a Bar Mitzvah and showcases a toasted marshmallow, crispy graham crackers, and some melting chocolate atop its own little fire.  Inside was chocolate cake with oreos and cream buttercream filling.

Graham Cracker Smores Bar Mitzvah Cake

A giant s’mores cake!

Talenti Gelato Cake

Favorite frozen treats can become cakes, too, which is certainly the case with this Talenti cake created for an employee of the company.  It was a giant replica of an actual Talenti Tahitian Vanilla Bean gelato!  Check out the size of it!

Talenti Gelato Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cake

An amazing cake shaped just like Talenti gelato

Lindsay with Talenti Gelato Cake!

Look at the size of this food-inspired cake!

Wheat Stalk Cake Topper

If you need a more subtle food inspired cake for your event, how about one right from the field?  This cake topper looks just like a wheat stalk tied together with a fondant ribbon. Each stalk is hand-sculpted and accompanied by a collection of gluten-free cupcakes.  The entire cake was lemon with Italian meringue, and our cupcakes included flavors like lemon with raspberry,  pink velvet with vanilla, and chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream.   You can check out more of our gluten-free goodies at Pink Cake Box Boutique, so stop in and take some home!

Wheat Field Cake Topper and Cupcake Stand

A wheat stalk cake topper with cupcake stand.

Food inspired cakes can be the talk of any event, and are only limited by your imagination.  So let your appetite guide you in creating the cake of your dreams!

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