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Extreme Cakes!!

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Extreme and Outrageous Cakes from Pink Cake Box

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of extreme is ‘going to great or exaggerated lengths… exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected.’ We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to create some cakes through the years that fall into that definition.  

Can you imagine making a cake that is five feet tall?  Or a life-size wedding dress cake?  How about a cake that lights up, or one that looks like a tree?  If you can dream it, we can probably bake it! Take a look at these imaginative cakes come to life.

Food Network Wedding Dress Cake

We participated in Food Network’s Outrageous Cakes, and the result was a wedding dress cake that took over 17 hours to decorate and stood over 5 feet tall!  The bodice actually had a lace-up back with extreme attention to detail throughout.  You can learn about the lace-up technique at our Pink Cake Box University.

Wedding Dress Cake for Food Network Outrageous Wedding Cakes

A life-sized wedding dress cake for Food Network!

Here’s a video for a full 360 degree view:

Food Network Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cake

We’ve made several appearances on Food Network, and we loved the challenge!  For this one we created a giant Snoopy cake popping out of a chest for Thanksgiving.  He came complete with his Pilgrim hat, yummy plate of food, and of course, his pal, Woodstock.

Snoopy Pilgrim Cake with Woodstock

A Snoopy Thanksgiving cake for Food Network.

Kiss Totem Pole Cake

Our general manager, Nicole, asked us to create a groom’s cake for her husband to be, who is a huge Kiss fan.  The result was a Kiss totem pole cake with each band member present:  Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer.  Each band member was adorned with their famous make-up and silver fondant accents.  Two guitars stood beside them, and lights were added in the word KISS and behind Gene Simmons’ trademark tongue!  

KISS Band Grooms Cake

A Kiss Totem Pole Groom’s Cake complete with LED lights!

For a more detailed look about the creation of the Kiss cake as well as some of our other extreme cakes,  check out Anna’s article at Pink Cake Box University.

Ultimate Cake Off – Legoland, California

We were so proud to have won the Ultimate Cake Off competition to create a birthday cake for Legoland, California. You can see more behind the scenes photos of the show here.  The cake was spectacular, with sliding Lego figures and bold, bright colors standing over five feet tall.  

The cake even including a working waterfall with mechanical spinning tiers! We worked hard to include all of the fun elements that Legoland has to offer!

Happy Birthday Legoland 10th Anniversary Cake

The Ultimate Cake Off for Legoland, California.

Bar Mitzvah Tree Cake

This Bar Mitzvah cake was one of the largest we have ever done, especially in terms of weight!  A copper lantern sits atop the cake and a ‘carved’ inscription adorns the tree trunk.  We worked alongside David Mitchell from Still Life to achieve the theme of this party, which featured trees and natural tree bark accents.  

Tree Cake

A TALL Bar Mitzvah tree cake!

We also created tree stump cookies to accompany our outrageous cake.  Want to try some of our amazing cookies for yourself?  Visit our new retail location, Pink Cake Box Boutique, and take a few dozen home!

Tree Stump Bar Mitzvah Cookies

Tree stump Bar Mitzvah cookies.

Spinning Globe Cake

Cakes can easily move from your plate to your fork, but have you ever seen a cake move on its own?  This spinning globe cake was created for a Bar Mitzvah, and yes, it could really spin!  We included a motor for movement.  Check out our bakery video of this extreme cake in action.  It’s a jaw dropper!

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

A spinning globe cake. Yes, it really spins!

Yorkie Cake

This was our first Yorkie cake, but certainly not our last!  Since then we have made many different dog breed cakes, and they are always a big hit at parties.  This Yorkie was designed to look like the owner’s real-life Yorkshire Terrier, Juicy, and they said she was the spitting image!

Edible Yorkie Terrier Dog Cake

An edible Yorkshire Terrier cake!

Party Dress Cake

This extreme cake was made especially for the Somerset Art Association’s Let Them Eat Cake contest.  We were proud to bring home the “Show Stopper” award for our Bloom of the Ball!  When it was completed, the cake stood 46” tall and was adorned with sugar flowers, vines and leaves.  The interior was sour cream orange zest, with hand-painted features throughout.  You can view more of our amazing dress form cakes here.

Mannequin Dress Form Cake with Roses Sew Fashion

Bloom of the Ball cake

Interested in learning how to make your own dress cake? Sign up to be notified when we launch our new dress cake class with Craftsy!

Quinceanera Fairy Tale Carriage Cake

So many little girls dream of being princesses or being the stars of their own Quinceanera party.  We made a dream come to life in the form of this extreme cake, detailed in gold.  The four tiered cake features hand-sculpted figures based on the birthday girl and her family.  The cake is being ‘pulled’ by a rotund little carriage and two majestic stallions.  It’s truly a cake right out of a fairytale!

Fairytale Horse drawn Carriage Cake for Quinceañera

A fairytale horse-drawn carriage cake!

Slot Machine Cakes

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  These extreme slot machine cakes are both winners in our eyes.  The first is a 70th birthday cake with glitter galore!  A pink one-armed bandit that has already hit the jackpot, this cake couldn’t be any luckier.

Slot Machine 70th Birthday Cake

A lucky 70th Birthday slot machine cake!

Our next slot machine cake is based on the Wheel of Fortune game, and is filled with accent and detail!  Highlighted in gold, it’s ready to roll with a hundred dollar bill hanging from the slot!

Slot Machine for Wifes Birthday

An extreme cake made for a birthday celebration. Lucky slots!

Retro Arcade Cake

Gamers, rejoice!  Here’s an extreme cake just for you.  This retro Galaga arcade cake was created for a Bar Mitzvah.  Again, filled with careful detail, it even features LED lights in the background for a more realistic effect.  Our clients said that some party guests actually tried to play it because they thought it was real!

Retro Arcade Cake

A retro Galaga cake.

Dump Truck Cake

A dump truck is not the first image that comes to mind when you think of cakes, but this groom’s cake was for a man who owned a trucking company.  The interior included alternating vanilla and chocolate layers with chocolate and oreos with cream buttercream.  We paid close attention to detail on this cake, all the way down to the mud flaps!

Dump Truck cake

A dump truck groom’s cake. Note the details!

Tiger Cake

We’ve created so many animal cakes through the years, from stingrays to snow leopards, but this is one of our fiercest!  This hand-sculpted tiger was created for a celebration at Jadwin Gym in Princeton University.  The tiger is Princeton’s mascot, and this guy was the star attraction.

Tiger Cake

Roar! Look out for our extreme tiger cake!

Rhino Cake

Continuing the theme of sculpted animal cakes, this enormous Rhinosaur cake was created for an avid collector of Rhino statues. The cake was given to the groom as a surprise and was quite appropriate considering the groom almost always received some sort of Rhino themed gift for special occasions.

Rhinosaur Cake for Grooms Surprise

We look forward to creating more outrageous and extreme cakes in the future, so keep checking back to see what else our amazing staff and creative clients can come up with!

Still not satisfied? See a profile on more of our extreme cakes on Page A Day’s blog.

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