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Champagne Engagement Party Cake (686)

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A pair of blue bubbly champagne glasses adorn the top of this three tier cake that celebrates the engagement of Stacey and Todd. The cake flavors include chocolate cake with oreos and cream and chocolate cake with raspberry chambourd.

Engagement Cake pink, white, silver & blue

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3 Comments for “Champagne Engagement Party Cake”

  • Tara says:

    LOVE this cake!!!

  • Amanda says:

    OMG OMG, this cake is fabulous!
    Those colors are beautiful together. Wow.
    It’s like this cake isnt even real it’s so pretty, to pretty to eat mann

  • Jen says:

    I love this cake! Me and my Fiance are having an Engagement Party in March and Im looking for the right cake. And this is so perfect it would even match my dress! I just hope that I can possibly find some one where I live to make it look close to this!

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