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Empire State Building Birthday Cake (2376)

King Kong on Empire State Building Cake

Empire State Building for Joey’s Birthday!

Joey celebrated his 60th birthday with the iconic empire state building fashioned in cake form. The cake includes a King Kong look-a-like gorilla holding a flag which reads “Happy 60th Birthday Joey!”

King Kong gorilla atop empire state building

Close-up of Gorilla with a sign for Joey’s birthday

The base of the cake board includes several cars and yellow taxis, trees and detailed people walking the streets of New York City.

Yellow Tax and other people

Cars and people along the base of the cake

The entire cake was chocolate fudge with chocolate buttercream. We appropriately delivered the cake to New York City.

paper boy selling

Paperboy at base of building cake

The cake is also equipped with LED lights which we demonstrate in the video below:

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