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Easter Bunny Dump Truck Cake (583)

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Have you ever been so excited about something that you’re absolutely speechless? Well today, my husband Jesse and I presented Brian (our nephew) with his birthday cake….a dump truck full of Easter candy and a sugar Easter Bunny!

First he exclaimed, ‘it’s a truck!’ then ‘it’s a dump truck!’ then ‘Wheels!’ then ‘It’s the Easter Bunny!’…then he put his hand on his head with the priceless expression that maybe , just maybe, we blew his 2 year old mind! Yippy! I was so excited to see him so excited!

Happy Easter!
Dump Truck Cake Blue Red Yellow with Easter Bunny

Here’s Brian intently studying his cake right before we served it.
Brian studying his cake

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One Comment for “Easter Bunny Dump Truck Cake”

  • Artamuse says:

    Every time I visit your blog and see your cakes I am impressed.
    I love what you do.I am a big fan of everything your design,your ideas …etc
    I am a home baking mum from Paris and I visit your blog at least once a week and you inspire me a lot.
    thank you for sharing with us your cakes in your blog .
    I wih you all the best.

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