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Doggy Groom’s Basketball Cake (2389)

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Basketball Groom's Doggy Cake

French Bulldog Groom’s Cake

This past weekend we created a surprise groom’s cake for Suzanne’s fiance. The couple celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, NJ.

Sporty Groom's Cake

Side profile of surprise groom’s cake

The cake was a replica of the couple’s French Bulldog Jacques-Henri. The dog is dressed in a sporty rugby t-shirt. He’s sitting obediently on a basketball court with a small basketball chew toy by his side

French Bulldog Sculpted Cake

What a cute face!

The entire sculpted cake is chocolate and filled with peanut butter buttercream.

We hope the groom was surprised!

Update: Suzanne left us this WONDERFUL testimonial via email a few days ago:

Dear Pink Cake Box Team,

In a word: “incredible.”

Every single one of my guests and I couldn’t believe the Georgetown French Bulldog cake was a real cake! The brilliant details were just outstanding and so life-like: enough so that when I cut into the cake to eat it, my (new) husband had to leave the room because the cake looked too much like our little man, Jacques-Henri! It was DELICIOUS too. You guys are amazing.

I can’t thank you enough for making us an orange basketball that was in proportion to the cake – I was thrilled to see that was on the court and so appreciative that you included it. I attached a picture of Justin’s Georgetown Law buddies who immediately surrounded the cake to take a picture with it. And of course, one of the bride and groom : )

You guys are the first on my list for recommendations and future cakes for our new family!

All the best,

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