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‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake (2559)

We were thrilled and excited to work with BBC America to design this TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) cake for the 50th Anniversary of “Doctor Who”!

TARDIS/Eleventh Doctor-themed cake

Tardis 50th Anniversary Cake for ‘Doctor Who’ Series

BBC America commissioned the cake to coincide with the 50th anniversary episode set to premiere on BBC America and in some theaters this Saturday. BBC has been running all sorts of promotions to commemorate the anniversary including a google maps view inside the TARDIS and this interactive timeline celebrate 50 years of “Doctor Who”.

St John Ambulance logo

“Police Telephone Free for use of Public”

The sculpted tardis has one door slightly ajar which reveals a peek into the insides of the Doctor’s space and time transporter. To see what the inside of the TARDIS actually looks like check out this tour on BBC’s website.

For the cake, we included vanilla with raspberry chambord buttercream. BBC America provided some photos from inside the cake on their facebook page with the caption “Proof that it was edible. Mmm… more delicious on the inside…”

Inside of Doctor Who TARDIS cake

Photo Courtsey of BBC America

Matt Smith is dressed in his overcoat and his trademark bow tie. In his right hand, Matt is holding his multipurpose sonic screwdriver.

Police Public Call Box

Police Public Call Box

Jo from the BBC was kind enough to leave this e-mail after the event! We are thrilled it was a hit!

I just wanted to thank everyone at Pink Cake Box for the truly extraordinary TARDIS cake. It was a huge hit – much admired, photographed and enjoyed. Thank you for taking such great care over it.

Best regards,

Here’s a video Anna shot at the bakery:

Anna and Joanne constructing the TARDIS:

Update: Here’s a replica of this cake we created for a surprise for a groom:

Dr Who Tardis Cake

Dr Who Tardis Cake

We absolutely LOVED the cakes. They exceeded our expectations. Truly amazing work. I keep looking at the pictures in awe of how detailed and perfect they were. Thanks again!!!


Throwing a smaller party? Check out our flat design of the Tardis cake:

Dr. Who 2D Flat Tardis Cake

Flat Version of Dr. Who Tardis Cake

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