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Creative Wedding Cake Trends

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9 Creative Wedding Cake Trends

If you’re looking for a creative wedding cake idea, you’re in luck. Trends are encouraging couples to go beyond tradition, and to try new dessert ideas for their special day. Wedding cakes can still hold that classic white beauty, or they can be unique and trend-setting. Here are some of our top creative wedding cake ideas, paired with the latest wedding cake trends, too!


Stepping away from traditional white wedding cakes might lead you to some marvelous metallics! Shades of gold, silver and bronze can be incorporated into any cake, adding a sophisticated, modern look to an event. This wedding cake was silver and white with an elegant damask pattern. Silver ribbon wrap, silver accents, and hydrangea and lilac sugar flowers decorated five round tiers.

5 Tier Flower Wedding Cake

A beautiful silver damask wedding cake.

This gold foil cake for one of our interns was elegant and eye-catching with its beautiful sugar flowers and unique foil leaf pattern on each tier.

Gold Leaf Wedding Cake

An eye-catching gold leaf wedding cake.

We’ve written about this gray and silver wedding cake several times before, since it incorporates so many wonderful trends. Sophisticated patterns, beautiful sugar flowers and shades of silver and gray make this cake unique. Monogramming and hidden icons (the groom’s favorite band, Kiss!) add to the six-tier ensemble.

Gray and Silver Quatrefoil  Wedding Cake

Metallics make wedding cakes marvelous!

Not only is this wedding cake entirely gold, it’s also geometric, which is another unique cake trend. Each tier is hexagonal with bright red floral accents.

Golden Wedding Cake

Golden and geometric wedding cake design.

Gold accents, bold flowers and a variety of patterns make this a creative wedding cake choice for any couple. Take a look at our video of this cake, and you can actually see the accents shine!

Wedding Cake

Golden accents and patterns enhance this beautiful wedding cake

You can go bold with your metallics, too, like this golden red cake with square tiers.

Damask Designed Wedding cake

Golden damask wedding cake.

Gold bands and a gold monogram make this cake stand out from the traditional.

Wedding Cake with gold detail

Elegantly designed monogram wedding cake with gold accents.

And perhaps this gold and white gift box wedding cake is unique for its assortment of flavors: orange zest with dulce de leche con guava, chocolate cake with raspberry, chocolate cake with peanut butter, vanilla cake with vanilla filling, and chocolate cake with chocolate filling.

Gold Present Wedding cake

A golden gift box wedding cake.

Painted Cakes

Your wedding cake can become a true work of art with painted tiers. Painted cakes offer beauty, elegance and a personal touch to any cake. This amazing cake was created for 201 Bride Magazine, and featured gorgeous, hand-painted floral detail and a sugar flower bouquet blooming on top.

hand-painted wedding cake

Hand-painted floral wedding cake.

This wedding cake was created for Brides magazine’s Save vs. Splurge article. The anemone sugar flowers match the hand-painted flower detail, and the bright raspberry color offers an eye-catching contrast against the white tiers. Ruffles and oval patterns are also featured on each tier, adding a nice visual touch.

Modern Spring Wedding Cake Hand Painted Flowers

A modern hand-painted wedding cake with hand-painted floral accents.

You can combine metallics with your hand-painted design, like this Baroque-inspired wedding cake with peachy fondant and delicate peonies throughout.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A Baroque inspired wedding cake with hand-painted floral designs and gold accents.


Ombre cakes are fun for any event and have become a new trend in wedding cake design. Couples are now willing to add graduating color to their cakes and guests seem enamored with the eye-catching effect. Ombre can be quite bold, like this pink wedding cake…

Pink Cake Box Cake

A pink ombre wedding cake

Or you can even use this ombre effect in a wedding cupcake tower instead. Here, the cupcakes graduate in color and matching cake toppers appear on each stand, complete with monograms and hydrangea sugar flowers.

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake Tower

Ombre wedding cupcake stands

Your cake doesn’t have to feature ombre shading. You can incorporate ombre into your flower design instead, like this coral to peach cascade of flowers that actually ends with a gorgeous ruffle effect at its base.

Ombre Ruffle Wedding Cake

Ombre and ruffle wedding cake with delicate sugar flowers.

An ombre cake can be customized to your style, like this enchanted forest themed wedding cake that featured butterflies, blue ombre effects and a tree ‘growing’ up the side of the tiers! Now that’s a creative wedding cake!

Pink Cake Box Cake

Make a statement with a gorgeous, enchanted ombre wedding cake!

Country Garden and Floral Inspired

Sugar flowers are their own works of art! Their delicate blossoms can impress guests and add color and natural elements to any wedding cake. We created a floral wedding cake which also combined metallic elements of gold and crystal. This opulent cake was five tiers and contained over a thousand sugar flowers!

Ivory Wedding Cake with Gold Piping and Crystal Accents

A wedding cake with gold and crystal accents and MANY sugar flowers!

And this seven-tiered cake featured about 900 sugar flowers, blooming from different levels. The entire cake was vanilla with oreos and cream buttercream and was as delicious as it was eye-catching.

Pink Cake Box Cake

An elegant wedding cake with added sugar flowers.

You can choose specific sugar flowers for your wedding cake, like this Dutch Master floral inspired design. Designed by Robertson’s Flowers, it featured peonies, ranunculus, parrot tulips, sweet peas, grape ivy vine and maidenhair, all inspired by Dutch master gardeners!

Floral Wedding Cake

A wedding cake inspired by Dutch master gardeners!

Rustic and Woodland

Many couples are incorporating nature into their weddings by creating rustic, woodsy cakes inspired by the outdoors. This birch tree wedding cake was perfect for a barn wedding, and comes complete with ‘carved’ initials. The fondant bow was made to look like real burlap, and purple sugar wildflowers bloom from each tier.

Rustic Birch Tree Wedding Country Cake

A rustic birch tree wedding cake

Sculpted sunflowers and Fall-themed colors help bring this rustic Autumn wedding cake to life. Amazing flavors were hidden within, like vanilla cake with Nutella and strawberry buttercream, red velvet with lemon cream cheese and raspberry buttercream, and vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream.

Fall Wedding Cake with Sunflowers

A rustic sunflower wedding cake

Here’s a creative wedding cake that features rustic elements and country chic themes. Fondant burlap makes another appearance, this time disguised as flowers! Ivory and lace add elegance to the top tiers, while a unique twist forms the base- cake pops! Chocolate cake pops dipped in chocolate with white drizzle alternate with vanilla pops dipped in white chocolate and small white pearls. You can try some of our cake pops for yourself by visiting Pink Cake Box Boutique, or take a look at some of our favorite cake pop displays here.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A rustic wedding cake with cake pops and burlap accents.

Looking for more rustic chic inspiration? Check out our favorite 11 rustic themed cake article!


Ruffled cakes are still a popular choice for brides and grooms. Choose different colors or styles for your own personal touch. This elegant three-tiered cake was created with beautiful fondant ruffles and a peony sugar flower.

Elegant Ruffled Wedding Cake with single Peony

A simple yet elegant ruffled wedding cake

Some brides choose to highlight a wedding gown in their cake. Scalloped sugar ruffles mimic the organza ruffles worn by many brides on this topsy turvy treat!

Topsy Turvy Wedding Gown inspired Cake

This topsy turvy wedding cake was inspired by the bride’s gown.

This cake, with its subtle Fall colors, featured ruffled flowers and scalloped bands.

Ruffle Wedding Cake with sugar Peonies

A wedding cake featuring ruffled flowers and sugar peonies.

Find your own inspiration in our Ruffle Cake Gallery, or try your hand at ruffle design through Maggie Austin’s Craftsy class, Fondant Frills!

Dessert Tables and Trios

A wedding cake can be accompanied by other treats or be deconstructed to form a non-traditional trio. This trio featured the names of the bride and groom in pink and black to match their invitations.

Dessert Trio Wedding Cakes

A trio of wedding cakes with the bride and groom’s names featured on them.

Here’s a silver and yellow trio adorned with fondant buttons and bold monograms. Both modern and elegant, the cakes featured an array of delicious flavors, including vanilla with hazelnut, chocolate and raspberry Chambord buttercream, spice cake with cream cheese, chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, just to name a few.

Button Modern Wedding cakes on Vintage Cake Stands

A trio of monogrammed wedding cakes.

This is a sweet example of a wedding dessert table, where cake pops, cookies and cupcakes took center stage.

Take a picture walk through our dessert table gallery to find some inspiration of your own!

Buttercream and White on White

Another trend in wedding cake design is the idea of simplicity, or creating a cake with very little design. These buttercream beauties stand out for their elegance and smooth exterior. They might not seem very creative, but their simplicity makes them unique.

Medley of natural buttercream cakes

A medley of buttercream cakes.

This buttercream beauty is classic and elegant with its alternating patterns of design.

Classic Buttercream Wedding Cake

A classic buttercream wedding cake.

Personal Touches

Of course, you can design a wedding cake that’s entirely your own. If you can dream it, we can make it! Some couples ask for unique toppers like these sweet seahorses…

Seahorse couple wedding cake

A seahorse wedding cake!

Or a theme that means something special to them, like this ‘Meant to Bee’ cake with honeycomb pattern designs…

Bee & Honeycomb Inspired Wedding Cake

Mean to ‘Bee’ wedding cake with honeycomb patterns

And we’ve had couples ask for certain color schemes (and this one was also nut free!)…

Square wedding cake with flowers

Square wedding cake with black and white accents

Or maybe something entirely unique like this animal skulls wedding cake…

Animal Skull Wedding Cake

Unique animal skull wedding cake

And some like their wedding cakes to be as topsy and turvy as their love for each other…

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

A topsy turvy wedding cake with floral accents and lace design

We’ve even had holiday themed wedding cakes, like this Halloween Corpse Bride inspired treat…

Corpse Bride Tim Burton Wedding Cake Gothic

Corpse Bride Halloween themed wedding cake.

Last, but not least, one of our most unique and popular wedding cakes was inspired by the popular internet comic xkcd. Perfect for math lovers, this cake was inspired by this particular edition.

xkcd Wedding Cake for Math Lovers

xkcd Wedding Cake for Math Lovers

Wedding cake trends are continuously changing and allowing couples to expand their thoughts and ideas. Your wedding cake can truly be whatever you dream it to be, so let your creativity flow!

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