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Creative Circus and Carnival Themed Cakes

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Circus themed cakes can be creative, festive and cute. They make great additions to parties, and children especially love their whimsical characters. Carnival themed cakes are both memorable and eye-catching. Guests can never get enough of their bright hues and fun styles. Just take a look at these creative circus and carnival themed cakes from our talented designers. You’ll feel like a kid again!

15 Circus and Carnival Cake Ideas

Elephant Circus Themed Cakes

Who can resist the happy face of a sculpted elephant, sitting atop a colorful cake? This talented pachyderm balanced on a sugary ball was created for a 6th birthday party, and was based on a photo of a handmade centerpiece. The bright shades of red, yellow and turquoise helped carry the carnival theme of the party.

circus themed cake

A circus themed cake with an elephant friend!

Here’s another fellow with his favorite ball, all set for a 1st Birthday Party. But don’t worry, he’s not alone. This guy has some pals with him- a fondant monkey ballerina and a sweet lion. The bright colors of magenta, purple and green were chosen to match our client’s party invitations. The balloons and stars catch everyone’s eye as they spring from each tier of this fabulous cake.

Circus themed Elephant Birthday Cake

An elephant and his friends compliment this circus themed cake!

Looks like this chubby elephant is a bit too big to balance on a ball! Instead, we made him the star of this two-tiered circus themed cake for another 1st birthday party. The fondant stripes, polka dots, and sparkles add to the fun of this creative circus cake.

Circus themed Cake with monkey and elephant

The colors and shapes on this circus themed cake make it an amazing focal point for any party!

And don’t forget the ladies! This is the ‘pink’ version of our previous circus cake, featuring a female elephant and delicious pink velvet cake within, sitting pretty for a 3rd birthday party.

Pink Elephant circus themed Cake

This circus themed cake is pretty in pink!

Our next cake merges a circus and carnival theme, while an adorable elephant appears in fondant on the second tier. This topsy turvy cake even included two dozen cupcakes with blue elephants to match!

circus carnival themed cake

A circus and carnival themed cake makes for a fun party!

A cake topper and cupcake tower reflect a circus theme for this 1st birthday party. The bright colors, festive banner and sparkly fondant stars surround our silly elephant perched high above. The cupcakes could be made in any flavor from our menu. These were marble, chocolate fudge, and vanilla with buttercream frosting. Yum!

circus themed cake

A cake topper from the big top!

Elephants don’t have to be the focal point of a circus themed cake. Sometimes monkeys take center stage instead, like these matching cake toppers for a twin birthday party that included chocolate cupcakes!

circus themed cupcake toppers

There’s no monkeying around with these circus friends!

We love monkey themed cakes at Pink Cake Box. For more “monkeying” around, check out our Top 5 Monkey Cakes article!

Vintage Circus Themed Cakes

For Mason’s 5th birthday we created this classic circus themed dessert table inspired by Barnum and Bailey circus. The centerpiece is the tiger cake which includes a leaping tiger through a ring of fire!

Vintage Circus Dessert Table

Vintage Circus Dessert Table

Here’s another vintage inspired cake with a feminine touch!. Highlighting this cake is a horse and carousel topper with pink ruffles and gold detail.

Vintage Birthday Carousel Cake with Gold Trim

Vintage 5th Birthday Carousel Cake

Janet was planning a horse and carousel themed birthday party for Kennedy and she reached out to us to see what we could to do to complement the party’s theme. Using elements of this carousel cake as inspiration, we created this two tier blush pink carousel cake with gold accents. Across the carousel are white horses with gold and acqua accents.

 Clown and Ringmaster Cakes

Our clowns are cute and sweet! Just ask this shy fellow who accents Khloie’s 1st birthday cake. Each tier is coated in primary colored fondant, resembling circus tents themselves. Hand-sculpted fondant characters hide on each layer, including a ringmaster bear and lion. Can you find them?

circus themed cake

A happy little clown sits atop this circus themed cake.

Bear Top Hat Carnival Cake

A ringmaster bear makes this cake extra special!

This ringmaster is head of all things sweet and delicious! He sits atop a two-tiered cake with fondant balloons for a 2nd birthday party. Detailed, hand-painted designs feature various circus animals. Even the fondant is pulled back like a real circus curtain!

circus themed cake

Hand-painted accents adorn this ringmaster cake!

Of course you might decide to make the ‘big top’ your main focus, like this cake topper and cupcake tower, which incorporate basic primary colors and classic circus themes for a 1st birthday party.

Circus/Carnival Topper Cupcake Stand

A simple circus tent topper and colorful cupcake tower.

Carnival Themed Cakes

A carnival themed cake might feature fewer animals but have a stronger focus on colors and tents. This carnival themed cake for a 1st birthday party featured a colorful tent on its top tier, with fondant stars accenting each layer.

Big Top Carnival Cake

A festive carnival cake for a 1st birthday party!

Perhaps one of our most popular carnival cakes on Pinterest, this three-tiered birthday cake was made with round and square layers. The logo was created by Ana Dolan of Couture Invitations and Paper Items, and the cake was designed with the help of event planner Shawn Rabideau.

Carnival Themed First Birthday Cake

One of our most popular carnival themed cakes.

By making your cake a festive focal point, you can bring the magic of the circus right to your party, or the fun of a carnival straight to your event!

circus themed cake

A hand-sculpted mouse circus created for the National Capital Area Cake Show.

Now, let the show begin!

See more circus related cakes in our gallery and follow our circus cake board on Pinterest for more!

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