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Connor & Hunter’s Birthday Dessert Table (2191)

Dessert Birthday Table

Cupcake Tower Dessert Table

This weekend we celebrated my twin nephews’ first birthday! To match the theme, we created a dessert table, complete with a topper cake, cupcakes, sugar figures, cookies, push-pops, cake balls and mini cupcakes! And of course, smash cakes for Connor and Hunter! Which I must say, were definitely smashed very well! The boys did an amazing job, smashing, smushing, and squishing cake and buttercream!

*Elements of this cake are copyrighted. This dessert table is not for sale.

Cupcakes on Cupcake Tower

Sugar Figures & Blue Cupcakes on Cupcake Stand

Interspersed with the cupcakes were various sugar figures which matched the overall theme of the birthday party.

Sugar Cookies

Topsy Turvy Cake and #1 Cookie

Guests also were given the option of sugar cookies incorporating the same theme’s from the cupcakes and cake

Topsy Turvy Topper Cake

Topsy Turvy Topper Cake

The topper cake was covered in light blue and white fondant. The topsy turvy cake included a number 1 on the top to commemorate the twins first birthday.

Red Velvet Cake Push Pops

Red Velvet Cake Push Pops

Of course a dessert table is not complete without red velvet push pops!

Cupcake Tiers

Dessert Table Cupcake Stand

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

Happy Birthday to our little guys – We love you!

As I said Hunter and Connor did an AMAZING job smashing and squishing their smash cakes!

Hunter and his cake

Hunter demolishing his smash cake

Hunter and Connor posing with their parents after finishing their smash cakes:

Hunter & Connor posing after eating their smash cakes

My brother and his wife wrote us this thank-you letter after the party:

Aunt Anne, Uncle Jesse & JJ,
Thank you Aunt Anne, so much for the beautiful dessert table. I have been raving to everyone about it. Everything was outstanding! the smash cakes were so cute and as you can see Connor and Hunter loved them. Love Kristen, Serge, Connor, Hunter & Brian

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