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Colorful Candy Themed Cakes

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Do you want to add some fun and whimsy to your next event?  Our candy themed cakes might be just what you’re looking for! A candy themed cake can evoke nostalgic memories of childhood, or become a colorful focal point for a birthday party, shower or Bat Mitzvah.  Take a look at some of our favorite candy themed cakes and find some inspiration of your own!

Colorful Candy Themed Cakes

Colorful Candy Theme Cakes

Candy Themed Birthday and Shower Cakes

Parties are all about celebrating the sweetness of life, and what better way to do that than with a collection of colorful candies atop fondant layers?  This baby shower cake we created for Ashley was full of fun details.  It featured a hand-sculpted figure of Ashley sliding down a melting ice cream cone on a giant piece of candy!  Sparkling candy accents and swirled lollipops garnish the colorful layers, and Ashley’s dog Bellini even makes a special appearance on a sparkly cherry.

Ashleys Candy Themed Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake that’s as sweet as candy!

One of the most unique details on this 1st Birthday four-tiered cake is the look of ‘melted’ fondant dripping down each layer. With swirled fondant lollipops throughout and a sculpted cupcake on top, what could be sweeter than that?  Well, don’t forget the inside!  Vanilla polka dot cake with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream, pink velvet with raspberry chambord, and vanilla with fresh strawberry filling.  The interior of our cakes can be just as whimsical as the exterior!

Roxanas First Birthday Cake

A candy themed birthday cake with lollipop and frosting accents

Our Candyland candy themed cakes are popular and fun, with real candies scattered throughout.  Jolly Ranchers, real swirly lollipops, Smarties and jellybeans twirl around each topsy turvy layer.  This Sweet 16 version of our Candyland cake featured shades of pink, lime green, yellow and white.

Sweet 16 Cake with Candy Land Theme pink orange yellow green

A colorful Candyland candy themed cake

And this one featured a fabulous pink feather behind a swirled pink 16.  It’s a candy lover’s dream!

Sweet 16 Candy Themed Cake

A vibrant candy themed sweet 16 cake

Another Candyland candy themed cake featured four topsy turvy layers with a carnival feel.  The bubbly fondant letters conjure images of balloons and cotton candy.

Happy Birthday Candyland topsy turvy cake

A Candyland candy themed topsy turvy cake!

We created a smaller Candyland candy themed cake in primary colors with swirled lollipops, candies and stripes with polka dots. This cake was part of a Willy Wonka themed party!

Pink Cake Box Cake

Primary colors adorn this candy themed birthday cake

Candy themed cakes are not just for children.  This elegant lollipop cake was made for a 30th birthday party, and featured three white tiers with lollipops, dice, and a fondant bow!  The cake was red velvet with lemon cream cheese filling throughout.

Candy Themed Cake

A candy themed cake for a 30th birthday

If you love lollipops, they can be the focus of your candy themed cake.  Just take a look at this topsy turvy cake created for a first birthday party.  Butterflies, flowers, and lovely lollies accent each layer and make this cake fun and festive.

1st Birthday Candy Cane Cake with Cupcakes

Lollipops and butterflies for this candy themed cake!

And we created a smaller version of this cake for a 7th birthday party, too.  The fondant balls and colorful fondant lollipops make it a sweet centerpiece!

Candy Lollipop Swirl Birthday Cake

Swirled lollipops and butterflies make this cake too sweet to resist

Some of our candy themed cakes feature wild patterns.  Harlan’s 6th birthday cake was full of bold colors, a proud sculpted gymnast, and a funky zebra pattern beneath more swirled lollipops.

Happy Birthday Cake

Lollipops and bold color patterns make this cake a hit!

This Sweet 16 topsy turvy candy themed cake featured wild, neon colors and a cheetah pattern for its middle tier.  Some sweet, sculpted friends sit at the bottom, eyeing the swirly lollipops above them.  None for you, fellas!

Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Candy Cake

Lollipops, bright patterns and layered stripes abound!

Don’t forget that we can also make cake toppers with candy themes!  This vintage candy themed cake topper is popping in shades of tangerine fondant with hand-sculpted candy details.  It was accompanied by eighty-five cupcakes on our small cupcake stand, all in matching colors with their own fondant candy on top!

Candy Cake Topper with Cupcakes

A vintage candy cake topper with cupcakes to match

Candy Themed Bat Mitzvah Cakes

You have to look closely to see all of the details in this amazing candy themed Bat Mitzvah cake for a special client named Aly. Aly’s cake featured numerous renditions of beloved candies, including candy dots, chocolate bars, lollipops and taffy.  Each decoration was hand-sculpted using fondant and gumpaste.  Aly’s pet rabbit, Brownie, sits atop the cake in a shopping bag, nibbling on one of her sweet treats.  Where’s Aly?  Her sculpted figure sits on the square tier of the cake in a pretty blue gown.  This cake was accompanied by some of our other sweet treats, including rainbow push pops, cupcakes and cookies with milk!  Another fun addition is the swirled cake board at the base.

Dessert Table for Bat Mitzvah

This cake was created for a special Bat Mitzvah, and featured swirled fondant lollipops and oversized fondant candies decorating each tier.  The colors were inspired by the guest of honor’s invitations.  Each tier featured a different flavor, including pistachio with italian meringue, red velvet with vanilla buttercream, vanilla with chocolate and chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream.

Hannahs Candy Bat Mitzvah Cake

A candy themed Bat Mitzvah cake with sparkling candy accents

This three-tiered round Bat Mitzvah cake was inspiring in bold, neon colors and swirled fondant lollipops. Its an eye-catching combination of blue, pink and yellow with contrasting polka dots and stripes!  Real candies are scattered throughout the cake, including lollipops, jellybeans and more.  The colors of the cake matched the party invitations, and a sculpted 13 garnished the top tier.

13th Bat Mitzvah Lollipop Cake

Candy Accents

Candy doesn’t have to be the main theme of your cake.  Take a look at some of these sweet treats where candy makes an appearance, but it isn’t the star of the show!  This little topsy turvy cake in shades of pink, gold, brown and white,  featured a jumbo cupcake topper with an ivory wrapper, highlighted by fondant lollipops below.

Cupcake Slanted Cake chocolate brown pink

We’ve made similar topsy turvy cupcake cakes with candy accents, including this one in blue and yellow…

Cupcake Topsy Turvy Cake

…and this one where a fondant 5 replaced the cupcake!  But our lollipops still remain to add color and whimsy to each tier.

5th Happy Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake Blue

This hand-sculpted owl steals the spotlight of this candy cake!  She sits upon topsy turvy layers of polka dotted fondant and is surrounded by sculpted lollipops.  The whole cake was our signature pink velvet flavor, with oreos and cream buttercream filling.  Whoooo’s ready for a slice?

Topsy Turvy Candy Cake with Hoot Owl

Lollipops surround this curious owl on a topsy turvy birthday cake.

The giant cupcake topper on this 5th birthday cupcake stand is a real show stopper in purple!  Sculpted fondant lollipops surround a pink  number 5, and thirty-six brightly frosted cupcakes fill this festive cupcake stand.  Flavors included vanilla and chocolate with vanilla buttercream dyed purple, fuchsia and turquoise to match.

5th Birthday Cupcake Stand with Cupcake Topper

A cupcake tower with lollipop candy accents

This beautiful three-tiered birthday cake had a subtle Skittles theme.  Skittles adorned the top of the cake and dotted each layer.  The red bow and matching red name accent the Skittles colors and the light blue bands surrounding each tier.  The flavors inside were red velvet, white and chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream.

Skittles Candy Cake white with light blue bands red

A Skittles themed candy cake

Holiday Candy Cakes

Candy can even be incorporated into your holiday cakes.  One of our favorite winter cakes was this Candy Cane Birthday Cake, which featured fondant candy canes upon topsy turvy layers.  It featured our signature pink velvet cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with Oreos and cream buttercream filling.  A fondant candy cane 1, sculpted snowmen, and sparkly snowflakes help make this cake a winter candy lover’s dream.

Winter Candy Cane Themed Cake with Snowmen

Even the Easter Bunny would be proud of our Easter Basket cake, which featured basket-weaved fondant and a collection of foil fondant candy eggs inside.

Easter Basket Cake filled with Candy

Hide your real candy from our Trick or Treater Candy Cake!  She’s ready to eat it all!  Her jack-o-lantern is filled to the brim with fondant treats, and she holds a sculpted chocolate bar that she’s already started eating and smeared across her sweet face. This special candy focused cake was created for Carrie Sellman’s The Cake Blog, where it was featured as part of her Eek!  It’s Halloween Week! series.

Halloween Trick-or-Treater Cake

Our Halloween trick or treater cake sure loves her candy!

Whether you’re throwing a holiday happening, a birthday bash, or a baby shower, we know that a candy themed cake will bring you (and your guests!) sweet dreams for years to come.

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