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Circus Clown First Birthday Cake (2566)

This special birthday cake was created for Khloie’s 1st Birthday.

Animal and Circus Close Birthday Cake

Circus Clown Birthday Cake

To coordinate with the party’s circus theme we created a red, blue and yellow circus cake with a clown topper and circus animals. We’ve done several circus themed cakes through the year, but this is one of our first with a sculpted clown!

Clown cake topper

Clown cake topper

The top tier of the cake’s red and yellow diamond design was inspired by this elephant cake. The sculpted clown jumping out of the cake is holding a scrolled red #1 to commemorate Khloie’s first birthday.

Bear cake topper figure with red tuxedo

Bear ringmaster for circus!

The next is covered in blue fondant and includes Khloie’s name in a red font cutout. The overlapping cutout circles that decorate the tier were inspired by this carnival cake.

Rounding out the decorations are an assortment of circus animals including a stitched monkey, elephant and lion.
At the bottom of the cake stands a cute teddy bear wearing a ringmaster costume and top hat. He’s holding a ball which reads “Muah” – this saying has a very special meaning for the family.

Circus lion with party hat

Circus lion with party hat

Congratulations Khloie! We hope you enjoyed the cake!

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