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Tips for Choosing a Groom’s Cake

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Choosing a grooms cake

While your wedding cake represents the bride and groom uniting and typically follows the color scheme and theme of your wedding – the Groom’s Cake is a way to honor the groom and show how important he is. Typically the Groom’s Cake is purchased by the bride as a gift and most brides like to keep it as a secret to surprise the groom on their special day. Let’s be honest though, the wedding day is typically centered around the bride and the Groom’s Cake is a great way to share some attention with your groom and let him bask in the limelight a bit.

So after choosing your groom, your wedding party, your venue, your dress, and the countless other items on your ‘To Do’ list of wedding planning, choosing the Groom’s Cake is an exciting adventure with endless design possibilities. There are several directions you can go in depending on your Groom’s personality. Some men enjoy a poker night with the guys, have a favorite sports team, or enjoy hunting. If passionate about their career you can design something around what they do for a living and who can forget… man’s best friend, their favorite dog or pet. You can also design a cake around their favorite car, their favorite book or a gaming console. Does your groom love to go fishing? How about creating a cake that represents their best “catch” (next to you of course!).

Here are eight of our favorite ideas for a Groom’s Cake:

  • 1
    Fisherman’s Groom Cake

    Fisherman's Dream Groom's Cake

    Fisherman’s Dream Groom’s Cake

    For the groom who is an avid fisherman, this striped bass lays across a cutting board ready to get “fileted” – I mean sliced. (You will want to pay close attention when they tell their fishing stories to figure out what their most prided fish is without ruining the surprise!)

  • 2
    Poker Table Cake

    Poker Table cake with chips and cigar

    Groom’s Cake Poker Table

    For the groom who enjoys a guys night- this poker table has everything needed for a guy’s night from an abundance of poker chips, a burning cigar and a little Johnnie Walker! See more casino themed cakes here!

    Find more casino related cakes in our gallery!
  • 3
    Gluten Free Bulldog Cake

    Grooms Cake Gluten Free Bulldogs

    Gluten Free Bulldog Cake

    Dogs are a favorite for groom’s cake and we’ve done several bulldog groom’s cakes through the years. This cute bulldog has his tongue hanging out in a playful manner. He is also gluten free!

    Find more dog related cakes in our gallery!
  • 4
    Baseball Stadium Groom’s Cake

    Baseball stadium groom's cake

    Yankee’s stadium groom’s cake

    We have created many “sports fanatic” cakes, but this one involves the whole stadium. This sculpted replica of the New York Yankees will be a “home run” with any baseball fan.

    Is your groom a sports fanatic? Find more sports related cakes in our gallery!
  • 5
    Hunter’s Groom Cake

    Deer Buck Cake Groom's Cake

    Groom’s Cake for a Hunter

    This buck head looks like it should be hanging on a wall, but pops out of a cake board surrounded by foliage. This is great for the groom who enjoys hunting season.

  • 6
    Groom’s Cake for the Technologist

    Bloomberg Terminal Cake Grooms

    Groom’s cake for a financial wall street groom

    This Bloomberg Terminal was created for a groom and had a personal message to the guests as well as a “To Do List” from the bride!

  • 7
    Video Gamer Groom’s Cake

    Groom's Cake Video Game Console

    XBox Groom’s Cake

    The ever popular video game console cake! This Xbox 360 (or gaming console of your choice) can be created to fit your groom’s tastes.

    Check out more cakes inspired by video games in our gallery!
  • 8
    Rhino Groom’s Cake

    Rhinosaur Cake for Grooms Surprise

    Rhino Surprise Groom’s Cake

    What is a Rhino doing here? This one started as a joke. The groom started receiving rhinoceroses as gifts. Years later, more and more rhinoceroses were received that the bride actually created a separate room for them to go in so they weren’t around the house! This realistic rhino stands in the shrubs and gave the groom a surprise of a lifetime! You can use any inside joke between the groom and you, family, and/or friends to create a unique Groom’s cake! Get more inspiration by browsing our animal themed cakes!

So when do you serve the Groom’s cake? We have seen a few different scenarios and it really depends on your preference. Yes, you probably have a wedding cake- but serving at the wedding gives the groom “his moment” and allows friends and family to admire. You can serve the cake at the wedding or even use the Groom’s Cake as a favor for the guests to take with them. Another option is to serve at the wedding rehearsal. It can help cut back on costs (since you will be paying for dessert after the rehearsal dinner anyway) and for the groom that is shy or doesn’t require a lot of attention it is a more intimate setting. We have even seen the cake displayed at the wedding and served at the breakfast the next morning.

Once you have an idea you would like to run with, you can set up an appointment for a consultation or give us a call to discuss. You will want to have some ideas, and photos always help in the design process. Our groom’s cake gallery is a great place to start for inspiration!

For the cake flavors and fillings – of course you will want to choose something your groom will love, this cake is all about your love for him! Our entire list of specialty cake flavors are available here!.

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