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Chocolate Chip Cookie Controversy

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I think you know what I’m talking about. The big debate about which is better: The crispy chocolate chip cookie, or the soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. Every family is usually divided…sometimes not even equally. Personally, I think that soft and chewy way surpasses the crispy, but I give in to make my friends and family happy.

There was even a Food Network Episode with different recipes for the “Thin” the “Puffy” and the “Chewy”. But who is going to sit there and make 3 batches of cookies? I’m not sure anyone wants the ‘Puffy” so I’ve eliminated that option and have figured out how to please both other parties.

Chocolate Chip CookiesTake your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Let’s use Nestle’s Tollh0use for example.
For chewy cookies, make sure your butter is cold – use the Kitchen Aid mixer to soften it with the paddle, but don’t heat it or let it warm to room temperature. Once the dough is mixed, put it back in the fridge for 15 minutes. The extra cold dough helps the center cook slower – producing a chewy and soft cookie.

Now take the same dough and let it warm to room temperature…in a pinch, i’ve even microwaved the dough for 30 seconds to soften. (But be careful you don’t overcook – or you’ll literally start to bake the cookies in the microwave. ) Voila – you’ve got yourself thin and crispy cookie dough!

Now everyone will be happy without having to spend 4 hours in the kitchen making 3 different cookie recipes! I’m sure there are some baking traditionalists that would flinch if they read this suggestion – but it works!!! So happy baking.

P.s. Soft and Chewy Rule!

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