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With over 300 testimonials from our customers over the years, we appreciate feedback as we continue to strive towards delighting our customers and perfecting our cakes.

Take a look at what our customers are saying! If you want even more reviews then check out our reviews on Wedding Wire or Google.

Barrel of Money Birthday Cake
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(1153) Barrel of Money Birthday Cake

When asked, “what would you like for a gift?” my husband always replies, “just give me a bushel basket of fifties.” The cake you designed to depict that for a very big birthday of his went above and beyond. It was sensational! Not only did you far exceed what we enivisioned, but the cake was delicious as well! It was so cute to see the children take a slice of cake with a $50 bill as a side. Thank you so much!!!

Tiger Birthday Cake
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(1141) Tiger Birthday Cake

My family and I will never forget this wonderful cake that you made for our son’s first birthday. It is still a subject of many a conversation and in fact, we actually kept the Blue Tiger as a keepsake. It now takes pride of place in our home office. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful cake. We will be back again this year – this time celebrating our new daughter’s first birthday.

13th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake
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(1126) 13th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake

This was my cake from my Bat Mitzvah. It was an amazing cake. The cake tasted as good as it looked. I have never had a cake this good. Thanks so much Anne!

Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake
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(1123) Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake

Thank you again Ann for designing my babyshower cake and my daughter’s 1 year old birthday cake. You make such lovely master pieces. Your cakes are always a pleasure to look at and eat. I sent a few friends over to you because they just won’t stop bugging me about your cakes…

Thanks again and wish you much success in the near future..Proud mommy to baby Alani..Kathy

Topsy Turvy Tiara Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(1117) Topsy Turvy Tiara Bat Mitzvah Cake

The cake was the hit of the party! My daughter loved it – thanks for making it so special!!!

Fall Cupcake Stand Setup
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(1115) Fall Cupcake Stand Setup

Wow, Anne these are my cupcakes! Thank you soooo very much. It looked absolutely stunning with my theme/decor etc. I mean it was just perfect. Not only that but these were the best cupcakes i have ever tasted! Sean and i intended to feed each other just a bite of one cupcake at the reception. However, we ended up feeding each other 2 cupcakes lol! Yes in front of everyone! We just couldn’t stop.

People are still calling me about the cupcakes and we just returned from our honeymoon lastnight. As soon as I receive my photos i will be sure to send you one of the setup. My florist made a bed of grass and he had orange roses coming up out of the grass. It was gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to see! Thank you again Anne. You’re truly amazing!

Fuchsia Calla Lily Wedding Cake
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(1112) Fuchsia Calla Lily Wedding Cake

We absolutely loved our wedding cake! I plan on writing a detailed thank you when the thank you cards arrived, but I thought I should respond to these comments as well. Everyone at our wedding could not stop talking about the cake! And it was absolutely delicious as well! I could not have dreamed of a better wedding cake, and I can’t wait to get the photos back of us enjoying it! Thank you Pink Cake Box for doing such a wonderful job!

Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Cake
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(1108) Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Cake

I LOvE MY LADYBUG!!!!!!!!!!! I am the proud recipient of that cake and I loved every inch ( i think i ate just about every inch too)!!!

Sports Themed 70th Birthday Cake
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(1777) Sports Themed 70th Birthday Cake

Just a quick thank you to all for the amazing job on the cake Saturday evening! Needless to say, the party was a total smash and the cake was a MAJOR highlight of the evening!. We had it put out before we arrived so we could enjoy it all night.

My brother was so moved by all the little *special* touches. Believe me, he is not usually an overly sentimental guy so it was great seeing him so excited!

We hated cutting it but it surely did taste as good as it looked.

Please extend an extra thank you to Allison (hope that is spelled correctly) for all her patience during the design process.

If you have a great pic of the cake, can you possible forward to me. We have some but it was dark in there so I bet you take better pics. We can't wait until out next very special occasion so that we can call on you again. We will most certainly be sending great words about you along to friends and family.

Thanks Again.
Best Regards, Nanci

Owl Happy Birthday Cake
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(1082) Owl Happy Birthday Cake

Thank you Pink Cake Box for doing such a fabulous job on yet another cake for our family! It was DELICIOUS and a huge hit. Thank you again!

Nintendo Groom’s Cake
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(1048) Nintendo Groom’s Cake

This is the cake that you made for my wedding at the Madison Hotel on June was literally the hit of the reception..People couldn't believe that it was a cake and it was so delicious. There was even an employee of Nintendo at the wedding and really got a kick out of it! Thanks so much!

Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake
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(1033) Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake

Hi - just wanted to let you know how much we LOVED the ladybug cake for our daughter's 1st birthday. It was gorgeous, everyone at the party was awed by it! And it was amazingly delicious, we were told by many it was the best cake they ever had! So thank you so much! Thanks! Stacey

Tiara Sweet 16 Hexagon Cake
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(1022) Tiara Sweet 16 Hexagon Cake

This was my cake for my Sweet 16 & it was AMAZING. Everyone was delighted by its’ extravagant decoration. The piping & flowers were exceptionally beautiful & the cake itself was so clean & crisp. It was so beautiful I was hesistant to cut it at first, but when I did it tasted wonderful. All my guests asked for a slice to take home. Thank you guys for the wonderful meticulous hard work you put into making my cake because it really made my Sweet 16 special & unique.

7 Tier Wedding Cake
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(1006) 7 Tier Wedding Cake

Loved the cake (as my husband already told you). I have enclosed a photo from the reception below. Not only was it utterly beautiful, but it was incredibly delicious. We went table to table to try all the different combos we had designed with you.

The cake fulfilled all Suzi’s wishes. Thank you,

Whimsical Sunflower Wedding Cake
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(1002) Whimsical Sunflower Wedding Cake

Dear Anne:
I can't begin to describe how beautiful the cake you made for our wedding on Saturday turned out. It was absolutely what Matt and I wanted. We received a ton of great comments from everyone! Matt and I would like to thank you and your staff for the beautiful job. We are happy to recommend Pink Cake Box to anyone who asks! Thanks again,
Sandra & Matt

Playstation Birthday Cake
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(979) Playstation Birthday Cake

I am the proud owner (or was the proud owner) of this cake and I am still amazed at the level of detail Pink Cake Box put into this cake. Those who know me will understand why there is a Blackberry pearl and a Pepsi can soda sitting beside the PS3; these are three things in the world I cannot live without. The cake underneath the fondant (PS3) was red velvet with lemon cream cheese icing (Mmm Mmm Good!!!!). The PS3 controller and Pepsi can was made with rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate and layered with fondant. I believe the blackberry pearl cell phone was made with sugar. I want to thank Vernika for getting me such an outstanding cake for my birthday and thank Pink Cake Box for all they have done. Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

Cake disguised as Bon Jovi
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(970) Cake disguised as Bon Jovi


THANK YOU so much for the AWESOME Jon Bon Jovi cake! It was better than I could ever have hoped for. Being long time Bon Jovi fans, my sisters and I were so excited! As you know this cake was for my sisters 40th birthday party! She was shocked when she saw it! It was perfect! In fact, before it was unveiled we told her “you cannot look in this box” and the first thing that came out of her mouth was…”is it jon bon jovi?”…having no idea that there was a cake in there. So, we all had a good laugh over that after it was unveiled.

Your work always amazes me….from the Jet’s Helmet cake you did for Greg, to our wedding cake and now the Bon Jovi cake….all of them amazing! Thank you so much for making our special occasions that much more special with your cakes!

Yankee Stadium Birthday Cake
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(2811) Yankee Stadium Birthday Cake

The cake was gorgeous! .. I couldn't believe that it looked even better in person than online! We kept the cake a surprise from everyone so it was a real hit at the party. Everyone took many photos of the cake (and with the cake!) because it was so perfect and unique. The cake was for my brother and his mouth dropped open when he saw it.. Everyone talked about the cake all night long! Thank you so much for such an amazing cake! and for such great service! The guy who delivered the cake was very nice and friendly and Nicole was great with answering my many questions regarding the order and deliver times, etc. I look forward to working with your company again in the future! Thanks again! Shefali

Hockey Duffel Bag Cake
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(942) Hockey Duffel Bag Cake

My boyfriend LOVED his hockey duffel cake! It truly made the party! It was jaw-dropping! I have never in my life tasted or seen something so good!! We could not believe how the ENTIRE cake was edible. It was beyond delectable and a true work of art. It really made the party! If anyone remembers anything about the party, they will remember the cake!! Thank you so much and you will be receiving more orders from us in the future! You guys are the best!! I would love to send you photos!


Candy Land Birthday Cake
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(929) Candy Land Birthday Cake

Thank you Anne and the pink cake box team for this amazing cake! For my daughter’s fourth birthday we went with a candyland theme and this cake was perfect. My guests were so impressed with the visual and couldn’t believe that a cake that looks so good could taste as good!

Thank you very much!!!

Girly Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Cake
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(916) Girly Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Cake

Dear Anne,

I'd like to thank you for the beautiful cake last night!! It was the topic of conversation and my daughter was very amused by it. She's already got in on FaceBook and we're getting compliments that really should be directed to you. The cake was the highlight of the evening and it made it memorable too. Many thanks for the hard work and details you put into it. Everything about it was perfect!! Hope you can do my next 2 daughters sweet 16's =)


90s Themed Sweet 16 Cake
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(911) 90s Themed Sweet 16 Cake

Hey, that’s my niece’s cake!
You guys did a great job. And, the party was a hit, and so was that delicious cake. I posted the cake and your website on Facebook. All my friends love this cake and the cupcakes.
Thank you!

Anniversary Wedding Cake
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(2070) Anniversary Wedding Cake

Pink Cake Box delivered an amazing anniversary cake this past all my NJ friends, they are only in Denville so please consider them the next time you want a cake!

Coney Island Themed Birthday Cake
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(880) Coney Island Themed Birthday Cake

My father-in-law loved his birthday cake! What a beautiful work of art, and it tasted delicious! Let me tell you - he took a few of us on a day’s tour of that area last year, and we rode the Cyclone…boy, was that ride scary!!! Thanks, again for all of your hard work and creativity!

Fashion Birthday Cake
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(874) Fashion Birthday Cake

Oh Anne, you have out-done yourself! The cake was a huge hit at the party Sunday, 11/16 at Anna’s in Middletown. Everyone raved at how good it looked and how great it tasted! Kathleen (the birthday girl) just love it, it fit her to a tee! Thank you so much for making it perfect to match the invitation. You and your staff are truly artists. Let me know if you need a picture for the website – Chris took a ton. Thanks again!
Suzanne LoBue, CLB Photography

Tie-dyed Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(856) Tie-dyed Bat Mitzvah Cake

Hi there Anne…..I must tell you that Lauren’s cake on Saturday was the most spectacular thing we have ever seen!!! It went WAY beyond our expectations and was even more incredible than we had ever envisioned it to be…..the colors, the tie dye and the peace signs were unbelievable!!!! It was the hit of the party and everyone raved about how fabulous it was, both in the way it looked and the way it tasted!!! It was delicious!!! I hated having to cut it because it was so beautiful to look at……thanks again for all of your hard work with this cake…..we will definitely be coming to see you again in a few year’s for my little one’s Bat Mitzvah!!!!
Jill, Paul, Lauren and Casey

Pregnant Lady with a Twist!
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(801) Pregnant Lady with a Twist!

Everyone LOVED the cake, especially the mom-to-be! The cake was the centerpiece of the event. It tasted fantastic! THANK YOU!

Sports Groom’s Cake
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(782) Sports Groom’s Cake

Anne and the PCB team (again),

Seriously…. SERIOUSLY!!!!…. you guys are amazing. People cannot stop talking about this cake. I have gotten texts, facebook messages, picture comments, etc. about your amazing creation. I don’t know what I can say that I didn’t say in my other post (about the cupcake cake) regarding your talent….. I know I didn’t mention this in my other post - but these cakes were soooo delicious. The chocolate and oreo combination in the groom’s cake was phenomenal (as were all the other fantastic combinations). My brother practically inhaled the wedge of cake I gave him and his wife……

Thank you so so so very much for creating your masterpieces and making our wedding cakes over-the-top fantastic!

Your fan for life and forever PCB groupie,

Christening Gown Cake
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(778) Christening Gown Cake

Anne - what can I say? The cake was outrageous!!! I absolutely loved it and so did all of my guests. You’ve done it once again, you’ve taken this little idea in my head and created a gorgeous cake to mimic it and it was, once again, spectacular.

Thank you so very much for making such a yummy, yummy cake that was also the hit of the party - after Max of course ; - )

My deepest gratitude!

Cupcake Wedding Cake
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(777) Cupcake Wedding Cake

Words cannot express our amazement, joy, and sheer disbelief when we saw our cake. You guys took our very simple ideas (including all 15 rounds of changes!) and transformed them into a work of edible art. A friend of mine who was at the wedding is in the industry, and she said it was the most beautiful cake she has ever seen - and she has seen a lot of cakes. When we were waiting to be introduced, the bridal attendant ran down to me (Jen) and told me that the cake was ridiculous – in a good way!… I made her run upstairs with my camera to take sneak-peak photos because I couldn’t wait till the reception!
What really made it for us was its simplicity – and how you made three fun little cupcakes into a beautiful, stunning, bridal masterpiece. I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it short and say this – thank you for giving us the most perfect wedding cake ever. We are truly amazed by your talent.
Jen and Geoff 9/12/08

Cosmopolitan & Martini Cupcake Tower
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(770) Cosmopolitan & Martini Cupcake Tower

Thanks so much to Anne and everyone at the Pink Cake Box! You truly made our birthday celebration one to remember and particularly yummy! It’s funny, I thought that the cakes online were phenomenal but they are truly amazing in person! Thanks again! I will send more photos so you can see the entire set up! Congratulations on the Rachael Ray cake! You out did yourselves! A true work of art!


Nightmare before Christmas Groom’s Cake
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(760) Nightmare before Christmas Groom’s Cake

It's been a year now since Carolynn and I got married at the Olde Mill Inn and I only thought now to look and see if our cake might have been posted on your site and Ta-Da! Here it is!

We highly recommend your work to everyone we know who is getting married. This cake was a big highlight at our wedding and once we built the entire Nightmare Before Christmas city around it it was truly amazing! People loved it!

Great job and beautiful work!

We look forward to working with you again for our future milestone events in our life.

All the best,

Jason & Carolynn

Hydrangea Blossoms Wedding Cake
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(757) Hydrangea Blossoms Wedding Cake

Wow! This is my cake!! I have to tell you it was even more beautiful in person!!! It really held its own in a room as dramatic as the Metropolitan Club! Thanks again!

Bass Groom’s Cake
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(745) Bass Groom’s Cake

1st Birthday Flower Cake
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(7331) 1st Birthday Flower Cake

Hi Anne! Thank you so much for the perfect cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday! It was the hit of the party and was all everyone talked about after I took it out of the box :-) And the very best part was that my daughter was able to enjoy it in spite of her food allergies. You helped make her 1st birthday a special and memorable day.

Cake Disguised as Tom Jones
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(727) Cake Disguised as Tom Jones

The cake was awesome, a huge hit – my father (David the “crazy” fan) still has the belt buckle you made in a zip lock bag as a keepsake. Like Neale said his a bit “extreme.”

Groom’s Guitar Cake
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(714) Groom’s Guitar Cake

Anne! My husband was so surprised when he saw this cake! He couldn’t believe how realistic it looked. His guitar-playing friends thought the cake was amazing too! It was a great addition to our wedding day.

Thanks a lot. Amanda

Baby Shower Cake
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(1952) Baby Shower Cake

Hi Anne,
Thank you for making this fabulous cake for my best friend’s baby shower. It was the highlight of our event! She absolutely LOVED it and so did all our guests. Not only was it BEAUTIFUL - it was delicious.

Birthday Candy Cake
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(679) Birthday Candy Cake

Omg…I’ve just finished referring a friend whom loved the cake you guys made for my birthday. I came up to the site and to my surprise…there it was, my cake my idea put together thanks to your wonderful creative hands! Besides the fact that it was elegant,simple and gorgeous…it was delectable and definitely a hit!

Sweet 16 Cake
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(676) Sweet 16 Cake

Dear Anne, Thank you SO MUCH for the cake you made for my sweet 16. It looked amazing and was a big hit! All my friends loved the cake! Not only did it look outstanding it tasted SO good. I cannot thank you enough. The cookies you also made for my party favors were also amazing! All of my friends have been calling me after they ate the cookies because at first they were to afraid to eat something so amazing but once they had it they just had to rave about how amazing it was. All of your work is amazing I always have to look at the new cakes you make on your website because they are all simply beautiful! My favorite cake with the cupcakes and cookies you have made though are obviously the ones you made for my party. It simply made the night and I will definitely be back for other events! Thank you so much once again!

4 Tier Wedding Cake
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(645) 4 Tier Wedding Cake

Wow, so fun to see our cake posted on the website! It was BEAUTIFUL and it tasted as delicious as it looked! Thank you Anne!!!!!!!! Your cake got so many compliments at our wedding! We will definitely be giving your name to anyone looking for a cake! Thanks for helping to make our day as amazing as it was!


Glass Slipper Cake
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(637) Glass Slipper Cake

Thats my cake!!! What a beautiful gorgeous job you did on this cake. When I first saw it at my surprise party I didn’t realize it was actually a cake. My bridal party went above and beyond and you did an amazing job. You are truly talented and the cake was delicious. Thanks for making my day even better.


Autumn Wedding Cupcake Stand
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(599) Autumn Wedding Cupcake Stand

We cannot recommend highly enough the standard of both the service and quality of the cake for our wedding.

Travelling from the UK we arranged everything by email and the whole experience was a pleasure. Little did we know the cake would be as nice as it was, comments from our guest have all been along the lines of ‘the nicest wedding cake they have ever seen and tasted’.

Once again, many thanks for helping to make our wedding day such a special occassion,

Louise & Graham (Bride & Groom)

Bridal Shower Gift Box Cake
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(588) Bridal Shower Gift Box Cake

I was the woman that ordered this cake and I can’t say enough nice things about this Company. I sat down with Anne and discussed my thoughts and she actually turned out a cake that was even more magnificent than I could have imagined.

IT WAS THE HUGEST HIT at my sister-in-law’s shower. When the bride walked in and saw the cake, she literally broke down in tears. Thank you so very much for making my brother and sister-in-law’s bridal shower so special. It really meant the world to me to see them so happy with their dog Clyde being there with them in spirit!!! KUDOS to your dream team.

Tropical Engagement Cake
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(571) Tropical Engagement Cake

Hi Anne,
My fiance and I just wanted to thank you and everyone in your shop for making such a fun and amazing cake for our engagement party (the tropical monkey cake). It looked absolutely perfect and tasted just as great! It was exactly what we wanted! We'll be sure to refer you to everyone we know- You guys rock! Thanks again!

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