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With over 300 testimonials from our customers over the years, we appreciate feedback as we continue to strive towards delighting our customers and perfecting our cakes.

Take a look at what our customers are saying! If you want even more reviews then check out our reviews on Wedding Wire or Google.

Cell Phone Cake
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(1544) Cell Phone Cake

I just wanted to let you know that you did a magnificent job with my husband's iPhone cake for his 35th birthday. The attention to detail was astounding. The cake actually tasted as good as it looked which is a rarity.
Warm regards,

Wedding Shower Stacked Gift Box Cake
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(1546) Wedding Shower Stacked Gift Box Cake

Thank you SO, so much to Pink Cake Box for making the most DELICIOUS and fabulous cake for my shower! It was so beautiful people were posing for photos with it. I can’t wait to follow up with our wedding cake in 6 weeks!

Orchid & Roses Wedding Cake
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(1539) Orchid & Roses Wedding Cake

Your work is truly AMAZING!! I have NEVER Seen a cake in my 7 yrs. of being in the industry like this one. Exquisite!!! I could not stop taking pic of it!!!

I had the honor of designing their invitation and all stationery items crystal tables... cards, menus....AWESOME JOB!

Stephanie Somodi Designing the Most Inviting Day!

Birthday Nascar Style Cake
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(1535) Birthday Nascar Style Cake

Dear Anne (& the Pink Cake Box team) --

My husband was THRILLED with his NASCAR self-designed cake for our company, The Post Chronicle, and said he thought you guys got it perfect! He was so happy and all of the birthday guests took pictures to put online. The tPC cake was a real work of art, with excellent detail, and happily delicious. The kids at the party had a blast pulling off the tires and eating the car decorations. Priceless!!

Thank you so very much for taking on this job, especially with just two weeks notice, and for making my husband's special day even more so.

We can't wait to think up something exciting for our next party!

With warmest regards,
Leslie & family

Pink Ribbon Cake
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(1504) Pink Ribbon Cake


I just wanted to thank you personally for the beautiful Pink Ribbon Cake. My son and his Girlfriend, Melissa were so excited about giving me this cake. I was so happy to reach 10 years of surviving cancer and the Cake was an added treat!

The workmanship that goes into something like that is truly amazing. I looked at every detail of the cake before I would let them cut it. The words around the cake are true to my heart. "Hope" has been my motto through out this journey. Thank You again for helping to make this celebration a true treasure of my Life!


Gold Urn Wedding Cake Revisited
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(1462) Gold Urn Wedding Cake Revisited

To the wonderful crew at "PCB"!

Thank you so much for your beautiful work on our "urn" cake! We are still getting compliments on how beautiful it was! You really made our day that much more special!

Thanks again!
Jenna & Tony

Bride & Groom’s Gift Box Wedding Cake
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(1490) Bride & Groom’s Gift Box Wedding Cake

Dear Anne & The Pink Cake Box,
Than you very much for our amazing wedding cake & the centerpiece cakes! Our guests couldn't stop talking about the cakes all night! We even ate leftovers for almost a week, it was sooo good! You always do an amazing job!! I'm already looking forward to Greg's wedding, for the cake of course!
Thanks again,
Lisa & Mike

Periwinkle Hydrangea Blossom Ball Wedding Cake
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(1485) Periwinkle Hydrangea Blossom Ball Wedding Cake

Anne & The Pink Cake Box Team,
Thank you so much for all your hard work in making the perfect cake! It was exactly what we wanted and it tasted AMAZING!!! Our guests couldn't stop raving about it.
Hopefully we get another one of you cakes soon - before our "anniversary tier" next May!
Thanks again,
Jaclyn & Nick

Cupcake Tiara Parrot Tulip Cake
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(1478) Cupcake Tiara Parrot Tulip Cake

This cake was made for my sister’s baby shower and came out absolutely amazing. She is a hardcore Twilight fan, so when I saw the New Moon cover, I knew those flowers had to be on the cake. The flowers came out exactly like the one on the book and the whole concept was put together perfectly. Thank you!!

Yorkie Rehearsal Cake
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(1474) Yorkie Rehearsal Cake

Hi Anne

What can I say? I literally screamed when I saw it! It looks soooooooo much like our little girl—we didn’t want to cut into her (but she was absolutely delicious). Thank you for the amazing work you did—Anthony was beyond surprised and our guests could not stop raving about it!!! xoxo

Equestrian Graduation Cake
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(1473) Equestrian Graduation Cake

I wanted to send all that took part in the creation of my daughter’s equestrian graduation cake this past Saturday a huge “THANK YOU”. It was breathtaking!!! The detail of my daughter and her horse jumping on the top was beyond anything we could have imagined.

All of the guests from her barn were truly amazed how beautiful it was. It was the main attraction of our entire party…and well deserved! Once we served the cake to our guests, they couldn’t believe that a cake this beautiful was one of the best tasting cakes they have ever had…and this was stated by all. Each tier was different and most guests had to taste each tier…I was floored.

I expected “over the top” from Pink Cake Box and received that and more…thank you for making our day so special!!! I do not want to forget the cupcakes and cookies…they were outrageous as well. I will and have recommended you to all.

Smiley 7th Birthday Cake
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(1465) Smiley 7th Birthday Cake

Hi Anne!

Madison was so excited when she saw her cake! We kept it a secret until the very last minute….which was not easy:-) It turned out just beautiful. Everybody at the party raved about the cake and it tasted amazing!

Thank you for helping make this a memorable birthday for Madison.


Purple Gift Box Wedding Cake
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(1464) Purple Gift Box Wedding Cake

I know it is already almost a year later but thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful and delicious cake for our wedding day! Everyone kept raving about our cake and the wine themed groom's cake for weeks! Can't wait to have the top layer for our 1st anniversary! You are the best and do amazing cakes!

Kimberly and Garrett

3 Tier Topsy Turvy Graduation Cake
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(1457) 3 Tier Topsy Turvy Graduation Cake

Hello To Everyone,

I just wanted to reach out to everyone and give the most sincerest “thank you” for making the graduation luncheon a huge success. When I first came to you, I asked that the gathering was to be all about the “cake”; and it was. It was a luncheon for three best friends, so to see the girls faces when they saw the cake was priceless. It certainly made all three feel so special. There wasn’t one person in the room that didn’t take a picture or comment “where did you get that”.

Your staff maintains a high quality of work, kind demeanor, and true sense of pride in your craft. Within 20 minutes with you there was a creation on paper that was exactly what was in my head. When you girls get your own t.v. show, please don’t forget about me, because you can certainly add me to your list of loyal customers.

Thank you again for truly giving my daughter and her two best friends a memory they will always have.

Sincerely, Lisa

Topsy Turvy Gold Tiara Sweet 16 Cake
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(1456) Topsy Turvy Gold Tiara Sweet 16 Cake

A little late with this thank you post but better late than never. We and all our guests loved the cake. It was a work of art and we were truly delighted with it. Nicole could not stop smiling when she looked at it and it was the center piece of her candle ceremony.

Flared Topsy Turvy Rose Cake
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(1444) Flared Topsy Turvy Rose Cake

This was a great cake. It was beautifully put together and became the centerpiece of much discussion at the party. On top of all that it was really delicious. You are a cake genius!

Medical Student Graduation Cake
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(2175) Medical Student Graduation Cake

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing cake you guys made for my sister's med school graduation party on friday. The cake was a huge hit, everyone wanted a picture taken with it. My sister loved the turtle and the crabs adorning it too. As usual your work was amazing and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

1st Birthday Jungle Party Cake
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(1442) 1st Birthday Jungle Party Cake

Hello, Anne.

Cake was delicious. It looked absolutely fantastic! Everybody loved it. Thank you very much.

Basketweave Tulip and Hydrangea Wedding Cake
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(1339) Basketweave Tulip and Hydrangea Wedding Cake

Anne, the cake was beautiful, by far the most beautiful cake I’ve ever been able to enjoy. It was delicious.

And the little ladybug was so sweet and beautiful, just like my daughter-in-law, Bev. Thanks to all the ladies (and men) of PCB. Just one more thing to savor and remember about that great day. I think alot of love went into that cake

Classic Fashion Mannequin Cake
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(1337) Classic Fashion Mannequin Cake

Actually, this one, on the left, is a cake set design model. Pastry Chef Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box in Denville NJ made this cake for the birthday celebration of a television celebrity chef. I just read about Anne on a News 12 NJ blog...

We were blown away by the work of this classically trained Chef/Artist. We like to bake and I have had some fun with a bit of cake decorating, but I have yet to enter the world of fondant...

From Kevin Lee Allen at KLAD - Set Design for Entertainment Industry

Sex and the City Themed Bridal Shower Cupcakes
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(1323) Sex and the City Themed Bridal Shower Cupcakes

I LOVED my cupcake stand and cake!!! You guys are the best at what you do–and I am sooo excited to see how the wedding cake comes out!!! Everyone loved the cupcakes and kept saying how absolutely delicious they were!!! Thanks Anne!!!

French Mastiff Dog Groom’s Cake
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(1310) French Mastiff Dog Groom’s Cake


Just wanted to Thank you again for the Dylan grooms cake. It was the hit of the wedding… The groom loved it, and we are preserving it now. He is crazy! It was the star of the wedding, everyone ran over to take pictures of it. It was amazing!

Thank You so much!!

2nd Birthday Monkey Birthday Cake
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(1309) 2nd Birthday Monkey Birthday Cake

Everyone absolutely loved that cake; like they loved her first birthday cake you made!!! It’s almost that time of year again and so we’re hoping you could now make Arabella’s 3rd birthday cake. Our friends and family now expect her birthday cakes to be stunning and delicious! We will definitely be calling you soon. You’re becoming part of the family. You’re going to have to come to one of her parties some day!

Black Paisley Wedding Cake
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(1282) Black Paisley Wedding Cake

What can I even say about this cake except, OMG! It was STUNNING, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS! You exceeded my expectations 10 fold! I adore you and can’t thank you enough! It was a true crowd pleaser and everyone can’t stop talking about it! You and your team are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


Happy Birthday Plane Cake
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(1276) Happy Birthday Plane Cake

Dear Anne -- Thank you, thank you, thank you for the unreal cake. The picture on your web site doesn’t do it justice!! Everyone was totally blown away by the cake and most importantly, my husband flipped over it!! Every detail was perfect and the addition of the lights was awesome. -- the cake lit up was especially dramatic in the dark club. It is so true that you can’t appreciate the shear size of it. Of course the cake tasted wonderful!

Again, thanks so much and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Bows and Bling Wedding Cake
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(1275) Bows and Bling Wedding Cake

Anne, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was our 1 yr anniversary, and last night we ate the top tier of our wedding cake. My family and I were amazed at how delicious it still tasted even after being in the freezer for an entire year! It was still so moist and yummy!

Vintage Luggage & Map Cake
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(1218) Vintage Luggage & Map Cake


I ordered the luggage cake and let me tell you – it was the hit of the party. People did not believe it was a cake at first. They were baffled. People would stand at stare at it for 10 minutes, pointing at all the details. Everyone asked me where I got it and if they do wedding cakes. And the flavor was outstanding. It was a huge hit. Thanks to everyone at Pink Cake Box.


Metropolitan Diner Cake
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(1216) Metropolitan Diner Cake

Good morning,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful cake of our diner, I was greatly surprised at the detail.

Everyone loved it as did my husband the birthday boy. Thank you so much again!

Cat Themed Cupcakes
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(1679) Cat Themed Cupcakes

You made us a AWESOME cake last year for our cats! It had our two cats sitting on top of a pizza box! This year we were thinking about cupcakes with there faces small on the top of the cupcakes. Cartoon looking in character.

1st Birthday Sugar Figurine Cake
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(1184) 1st Birthday Sugar Figurine Cake

The cake was AMAZING! Not only was the cake gorgeous; it was delicious! Guest couldn't stop asking where i got the cake. Thank you for a wonderful cake!

Bat Mitzvah Shopping Cake
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(1183) Bat Mitzvah Shopping Cake

Hi. This is MY cake! It’s the bat mitzvah girl and her dad – and it’s been over a year and we still look back on this cake and are amazed by it. All of our friends are STILL talking about it and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for my sister’s cake in 2012. Thanks again, Anne!

Baby Shower Carriage Cake
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(1152) Baby Shower Carriage Cake

My mother and I designed this cake for my sisters baby shower, the Pink Cake Box did an amazing job and it really was PERFECT!!!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!! My sister and all the guests were absolutely in love with the cake! THANK YOU PINK CAKE BOX!!!

Bat Mitzvah Party Dress Form Cake
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(1173) Bat Mitzvah Party Dress Form Cake


I don’t even know what to say!!!!!! No one has EVER EVER EVER EVER seen a cake like this. My daughter, who just had her Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday was the one who found pinkcakebox last year when she was googling cakes…….and what do you know….a YEAR later…….and the MOST TALKED ABOUT CAKE EVER!!! Not only was this a TRUE SHOWSTOPPER but DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..one friend ate 6 peices before his wife had to tell him to stop!!!!!

Pink Ombre Wedding Cupcake Stands
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(1169) Pink Ombre Wedding Cupcake Stands

Hi Anne!
Everyone seriously loved the cupcakes. It was honestly one of my favorite parts of the wedding. You guys completely got the crazy colors ombre I wanted!! I loved them. We were dancing so much all I got was a bite during the cutting but I can’t complain :) Now I m looking forward to our anniversary!!

Barrel of Money Birthday Cake
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(1153) Barrel of Money Birthday Cake

When asked, “what would you like for a gift?” my husband always replies, “just give me a bushel basket of fifties.” The cake you designed to depict that for a very big birthday of his went above and beyond. It was sensational! Not only did you far exceed what we enivisioned, but the cake was delicious as well! It was so cute to see the children take a slice of cake with a $50 bill as a side. Thank you so much!!!

Tiger Birthday Cake
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(1141) Tiger Birthday Cake

My family and I will never forget this wonderful cake that you made for our son’s first birthday. It is still a subject of many a conversation and in fact, we actually kept the Blue Tiger as a keepsake. It now takes pride of place in our home office. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful cake. We will be back again this year – this time celebrating our new daughter’s first birthday.

13th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake
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(1126) 13th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake

This was my cake from my Bat Mitzvah. It was an amazing cake. The cake tasted as good as it looked. I have never had a cake this good. Thanks so much Anne!

Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake
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(1123) Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake

Thank you again Ann for designing my babyshower cake and my daughter’s 1 year old birthday cake. You make such lovely master pieces. Your cakes are always a pleasure to look at and eat. I sent a few friends over to you because they just won’t stop bugging me about your cakes…

Thanks again and wish you much success in the near future..Proud mommy to baby Alani..Kathy

Topsy Turvy Tiara Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(1117) Topsy Turvy Tiara Bat Mitzvah Cake

The cake was the hit of the party! My daughter loved it – thanks for making it so special!!!

Fall Cupcake Stand Setup
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(1115) Fall Cupcake Stand Setup

Wow, Anne these are my cupcakes! Thank you soooo very much. It looked absolutely stunning with my theme/decor etc. I mean it was just perfect. Not only that but these were the best cupcakes i have ever tasted! Sean and i intended to feed each other just a bite of one cupcake at the reception. However, we ended up feeding each other 2 cupcakes lol! Yes in front of everyone! We just couldn’t stop.

People are still calling me about the cupcakes and we just returned from our honeymoon lastnight. As soon as I receive my photos i will be sure to send you one of the setup. My florist made a bed of grass and he had orange roses coming up out of the grass. It was gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to see! Thank you again Anne. You’re truly amazing!

Fuchsia Calla Lily Wedding Cake
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(1112) Fuchsia Calla Lily Wedding Cake

We absolutely loved our wedding cake! I plan on writing a detailed thank you when the thank you cards arrived, but I thought I should respond to these comments as well. Everyone at our wedding could not stop talking about the cake! And it was absolutely delicious as well! I could not have dreamed of a better wedding cake, and I can’t wait to get the photos back of us enjoying it! Thank you Pink Cake Box for doing such a wonderful job!

Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Cake
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(1108) Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Cake

I LOvE MY LADYBUG!!!!!!!!!!! I am the proud recipient of that cake and I loved every inch ( i think i ate just about every inch too)!!!

Sports Themed 70th Birthday Cake
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(1777) Sports Themed 70th Birthday Cake

Just a quick thank you to all for the amazing job on the cake Saturday evening! Needless to say, the party was a total smash and the cake was a MAJOR highlight of the evening!. We had it put out before we arrived so we could enjoy it all night.

My brother was so moved by all the little *special* touches. Believe me, he is not usually an overly sentimental guy so it was great seeing him so excited!

We hated cutting it but it surely did taste as good as it looked.

Please extend an extra thank you to Allison (hope that is spelled correctly) for all her patience during the design process.

If you have a great pic of the cake, can you possible forward to me. We have some but it was dark in there so I bet you take better pics. We can't wait until out next very special occasion so that we can call on you again. We will most certainly be sending great words about you along to friends and family.

Thanks Again.
Best Regards, Nanci

Owl Happy Birthday Cake
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(1082) Owl Happy Birthday Cake

Thank you Pink Cake Box for doing such a fabulous job on yet another cake for our family! It was DELICIOUS and a huge hit. Thank you again!

Nintendo Groom’s Cake
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(1048) Nintendo Groom’s Cake

This is the cake that you made for my wedding at the Madison Hotel on June 6th..it was literally the hit of the reception..People couldn't believe that it was a cake and it was so delicious. There was even an employee of Nintendo at the wedding and really got a kick out of it! Thanks so much!

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