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With over 300 testimonials from our customers over the years, we appreciate feedback as we continue to strive towards delighting our customers and perfecting our cakes.

Take a look at what our customers are saying! If you want even more reviews then check out our reviews on Wedding Wire or Google.

1st Birthday Ruffle Cake {Pink}
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(2589) 1st Birthday Ruffle Cake {Pink}

Cake was off the chart! Thank you for the most precious birthday cake for our daughter. It was truly amazing! SO gorgeous & sweet!! Thank you tons!! ~ Dana

Whimsical “ONEderland” Cake – First Birthday
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(2581) Whimsical “ONEderland” Cake – First Birthday

The event was great and the cake, aside from the birthday girl, definitely stole the show! I look forward to another great event with a Pink Cake Box cake at the center. All the Best, Leah

3D Sculpted Bridal Bodice Cake
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(2578) 3D Sculpted Bridal Bodice Cake

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful cake! I loved it!

40th Birthday Cake for Frank
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(2569) 40th Birthday Cake for Frank

Hi Ashley,
The cakes were AMAZING as usual! Franks 40th Birthday cake was so detailed, unique & added such a special touch to a beautiful celebration. I am such a detail oriented person & you carried out not only a vision but exceeded my expectation!! Thank you once again for executing another fabulous cake!!! Will be in touch for my daughters 1st bday for January.

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake
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(2559) ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TARDIS Cake

I just wanted to thank everyone at Pink Cake Box for the truly extraordinary TARDIS cake. It was a huge hit - much admired, photographed and enjoyed. Thank you for taking such great care over it. Best regards, Jo

Great Gatsby Themed Baby Shower Cake
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(2557) Great Gatsby Themed Baby Shower Cake

The cake was amazing! Thank you so much for the world's most beautiful and delicious cake!!!!! I am over the moon!

Floral Wedding Cake
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(2551) Floral Wedding Cake

Hi Anne,

Wow! I’ve done a million weddings with a million different wedding cakes but by far, your cake took the “cake” literally on Saturday at the St. Regis… It was beyond words…When I saw it I was speechless and as I said, I’ve seen a lot of wedding cakes and not that many take my breath away… The details, the intensity and accuracy of everything was just perfect… Great, great, great work!

I would love to recommend you to my other clients in the future… I do a lot of weddings on Long Island… Do you come that far?

Director of Events

Monogrammed & Button Themed Wedding Cakes
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(2538) Monogrammed & Button Themed Wedding Cakes

Hello Anne!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for our beautiful and delicious wedding cakes!! Such details on the buttons and the M & B! They were exactly what I was looking for and the bite we had was so good!!

Unfortunately we only had one little bite, but we are looking forward to enjoying a replica cake on our one-year anniversary. We had no idea you all even did that - so we are SO excited!!

Thank you again for the beautiful and yummy cakes!

Meaghan & Bruce

Mustache Bash Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops
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(2535) Mustache Bash Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Thanks Pink Cake Box for the awesome cake, cupcakes & pops!!! Lucas had a blast smashing it!

Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Cake
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(2523) Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Cake

Hi Anne!
Just returned from my honeymoon and wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did with the cake! Was better than I imagined and everyone loved it! I have attached a few pictures of the cake at the reception for you to check out. Also, Donald Trump actually stopped by at the ceremony and the reception and tweeted me the next day! The tweet is attached. Thanks again!!

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake
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(2520) 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

To The Entire Pink Cake Box Team: We would like to thank you for your part in making my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary a great success. They were thrilled with the cake! From the first email to delivery, we appreciate your time and effort throughout the entire process. You took my design and brought it to life.  Everyone thought the cake looked beautiful and amazing. The flowers were so life-like, people thought they were real flowers.> >To top it off, the cake was delicious!  I say that because I have seen beautiful cakes before and then when you taste them, they are absolutely horrible.  This was certainly not the case.  The three tier cake of  Red Velvet (in burnt orange), Carrot and Lemon with the Italian Meringue and Lemon Cream Cheese filling was exceptional.  Even those that weren't fans of red velvet enjoyed it! This was my first experience in having a custom cake made.  It was a very positive experience!  I look forward to doing business with you again.  My grandmother will be celebrating her 100th birthday and can't wait to see what "we" come up with for that monumental occasion! Thanks again for everything! Sincerely, Joy

Dogwood Blossom Communion Cake
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(2513) Dogwood Blossom Communion Cake

Wow wow wow is all I can say! The party was great. I could not take my eyes off the stunning cake. Loved it. I will send pictures as soon as I can. My computer was damaged and I had to buy a new one. Waiting for the hard drive transfer to be completed. Thank you so much! Melissa

Musical Themed Birthday Cake
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(2484) Musical Themed Birthday Cake

Hi Nicole,

The cake was fantastic and my mother cried from how beautiful it was! Everyone was mesmerized! All the guests wanted to just look at it and not eat it, but unfortunately we had to slice it. Thank you for the fantastic outcome, both the final look and final taste. The staff at Pink Cake Box are a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. I can't wait for the next event so we can purchase from you guys!
Best, Jamie

“Showers of Happiness” Bridal Shower Cake
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(2479) “Showers of Happiness” Bridal Shower Cake

Sammy’s Graduation Cupcake Tower
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(2472) Sammy’s Graduation Cupcake Tower

Hi Anne & everyone at Pink Cake Box.

I wanted to let you know that the Graduation Cupcake Tower you made for us was a huge success with our 96 guests!

Because of its beauty, the catering hall suggested that we put the tower out right away so it could be admired throughout the night. Well, it was more than just admired! The wait staff had to keep people away from it because everyone wanted the cupcakes right away!

Along with the cupcakes, we had a dessert buffet with lots of cookies, brownies, bread pudding, chocolate fountain, ice cream sundae and milkshake bar, cotton candy machine, and a candy buffet table. While the hall was setting up for the dessert bar, our guests started to line up, swarming the cupcake area. It was crazy!

Since it was a 5-hour event with a cocktail hour, crepes stations, and full dinner buffet and drinks (along with the dessert bar), I thankfully had the foresight to bring cupcake bags. I was afraid everyone would be so full at the end of the night that they would just take 1 bite of cupcake and leave it, and for something so beautiful and tasty, I couldn't bare to see that happen. So, I gave out the cupcake bags, and everyone was beyond excited. The cupcakes all tasted delicious and the next day, guests were emailing me to say they were still enjoying their cupcakes at home.

Oh, and when the guest of honor saw a little figure on the top cake that looked like her wearing her dress, she squealed with delight! We had kept it a secret to surprise her (she thought there would be just the cupcakes).

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and memorable creation for our party and for giving our guests such a delicious treat to end the night with. I would definitely highly recommend Pink Cake Box to all my friends or to anyone who asks where I got these from! And I absolutely look forward to ordering more creations from you in the future.


Fashionista Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(2433) Fashionista Bat Mitzvah Cake

Hi Ashley,
Thank you so much for all of your help with Emily's Bat Mitzvah cake. It was spectacular! The dogs were absolutely fabulous and an amazing likeness and Emily loved it!
Thanks again, Jessica

French Themed Birthday Cake
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(24091) French Themed Birthday Cake

The cake and pastries exceeded my expectations. It was not only beautiful but delicious and fresh. --Exactly what I had in mind (just better!).
I didn't get the chance to try the cupcakes or the macaroons but I am sure they were great as well. People ate everything!
The cookies were very soft and yummy.
I have already recommended Pink Box Cake to a lot of people. A total masterpiece!
Thank you, Yokasta

Sebastian’s Magical Hobbit Hole Cake
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(2391) Sebastian’s Magical Hobbit Hole Cake

Thank you for a wonderfully magical “Hobbit” themed cake. You’ve amazed us every single year for each of our son’s birthdays. Yummy as well!

Antique Tea Party Shower Cake
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(2390) Antique Tea Party Shower Cake

Hello, It was a hit!!!! The cake was more than I ever expected!!!It was perfection!!!! It was, as we say "La pièce de résistance." I am sure you will have many orders coming!
My daughter's bridal shower was absolutely well coordinated with the cake being the actual centerpiece. She was extremely happy & very surprised! I shall send you some pictures!
Thank you for making our special day such a memorable one! The macaroons were handed out as hors d'oeuvres.. (so decadent!!!!!) And now that I think about it... where did the left overs go?!!!! Hmmmm
You are fantastic!!! Merci, Teresa

Doggy Groom’s Basketball Cake
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(2389) Doggy Groom’s Basketball Cake

Dear Pink Cake Box Team,
In a word: “incredible.”
Every single one of my guests and I couldn’t believe the Georgetown French Bulldog cake was a real cake! The brilliant details were just outstanding and so life-like: enough so that when I cut into the cake to eat it, my (new) husband had to leave the room because the cake looked too much like our little man, Jacques-Henri! It was DELICIOUS too. You guys are amazing.
I can’t thank you enough for making us an orange basketball that was in proportion to the cake – I was thrilled to see that was on the court and so appreciative that you included it. I attached a picture of Justin’s Georgetown Law buddies who immediately surrounded the cake to take a picture with it. And of course, one of the bride and groom : )
You guys are the first on my list for recommendations and future cakes for our new family!
All the best, Suzanne

Lisa’s Baby Block Shower Cake
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(2380) Lisa’s Baby Block Shower Cake

Anne, I've been meaning to write you, but things have been crazy!! Thank you so much for such an adorable cake! As usual, the cake was wonderful. Ellie decided to come very late the night before my shower, but all my friends told me how great they thought the cake was and they all couldn't wait to eat it. I made my brother bring Mike and I a piece to the hospital that day so we could still enjoy it!! Thank you again for another amazing cake!! Lisa

Alex’s Ombre Sweet 16 Cake
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(2385) Alex’s Ombre Sweet 16 Cake

Thank you for the beautiful cake and cupcakes you guys created for Alex's Sweet 16. The logo on cupcakes were exactly as the invite. Wow..
Cake was amazing and it was absolutely delicious, moist, well I can't say enough. We got to bring extra cake home and our family from Miami who came for party could not get enough of it.
Thank you all so very much. Your staff couldn't be nicer, I called with a million questions and they were always so helpful..
Can't wait to work with you all again..
Janet and Alex C

Butterfly 1st Birthday Cupcake Stand
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(2345) Butterfly 1st Birthday Cupcake Stand

Hi Anne & Staff,
Thank you for creating such a beautiful and unique cake for our daughter Ella's first birthday celebration. Once again, your cake was a big hit! I've included a link to some pictures from the party.
Sincerely, Michelle

“Living in the Wild” Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(2342) “Living in the Wild” Bat Mitzvah Cake

I just want to thank Nicole for all of her help with the design aspect of the cake. Julia was blown away by the cake. She was expecting a basic sheet cake and to her surprise she got much more than that. The different tiers also tasted amazing! Thank you for putting a huge smile on her face! Amy

Harlow’s 1st Birthday Giraffe Cake
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(2340) Harlow’s 1st Birthday Giraffe Cake

Thank you everyone for making Harlow's birthday so special and perfect. Our guests loved the princess giraffe cake. The cake was gorgeous and delicious. The cookies added a final touch to our candy table and Harlow loved her smash cake. Thank you again everything was so beautiful and of course yummie.

“Up All Night” Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(2330) “Up All Night” Bat Mitzvah Cake

Nicole -
It was a wonderful weekend and we are still trying to relive every moment. The cake was magnificent. It was a masterpiece and a true work of art - from the bed itself, to the things on it - the popcorn, the computer, the invitation, pup pup!, the spilled drink, the wood floor - and the lamp. Just amazing. We and everyone were in awe of it. I think the highest compliment was that - IT WAS NOT CUT DURING THE PARTY! Yup, the cake was not cut and given out during the party. The Villa was so overwhelmed with it and knew that everyone thought it was a showpiece (it was on display all night) that they couldn't bring themselves to cut into it. How's THAT for an amazing tribute? Please let Anne know! Too funny. SO, Saturday night at 2 in the morning, I drove home in the fog with the cake in the back of my car (I thought my care was going to pop up in front from the weight!) and we finally cut into it yesterday during our brunch (and now it sits on my dining room table). Every time we or the kids walk by it, we take a nibble here, put a fork into it there. I guess in the end, the most important people (us) are the ones that truly get to enjoy what makes these cakes truly wonderful and that, of course, is the taste.

Please send Anne and the team a special thank you for once again making a truly special and one of a kind cake - and let us know when the cake is added to the website (maybe it will make a top ten list) so that Lucy and I can write a note on the blog.

p.s., the LED light is still on!

Lastly, our son's bar mitzvah is May 2, 2015. Is it too early to put a deposit down?

Thanks again. Jeff

Hibiscus Quinceañera Cake
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(2325) Hibiscus Quinceañera Cake

I can only say WOW what a cake! When my daughter Bailey saw the cake for the first time she screamed!! It was more than we thought it would be!! People all night could not stop talking about the detail. Not only was it a gorgeous cake but tasted delicious! This is our third cake with the pink cake box and will not be our last!!
Sincerely Jeannie

Yorkie Cupcake Tower
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(2324) Yorkie Cupcake Tower

Hey Nicole!! It was AWESOME!! Juicy looked amazing and everything was delicious! Thank you so much! I have actually posted some pictures to the Pink Cake Box facebook page. Let me know if you can see them. Thank you for everything!!

Lace Wedding Cake
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(2318) Lace Wedding Cake

I wanted to thank you for our wonderful wedding cake from this weekend! I loved it so much as did everyone else. I heard several times that it was the prettiest cake that they had ever seen! Not only that, but it was delicious as well, I mean REALLY delicious! I mentioned to my partner that it would be awesome to have another pink cake box cake for my birthday- which is tomorrow. lol She called, but it was a little too short notice, completely understandable. But I may have to order a One month anniversary cake!! :) Thank you again for all your hard work and the long delivery to Red Bank! We will be ordering again, no question!

Monogrammed Autumn Wedding Cake
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(2314) Monogrammed Autumn Wedding Cake

Hello Nicole, In one word AWESOME!!! But I can also add delicious, gorgeous, eye catching, and center of attention! It was a huge hit, everyone loved how beautiful it looked and how terrific it tasted! We did lots of advertising for you guys, lol. And thanks not just for the PERFECT cake but also for being so understanding, accommodating, and professional during such a trying time (Hurricane Sandy). You were a pleasure doing business with. Thanks for everything!! Cynthia

Sleeping Baby Pea Pod Cake
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(2315) Sleeping Baby Pea Pod Cake

You guys are the best!!!!! I would recommend the pink cake box to anyone. Cake was beyond sensational. Dana's shower ( my d I l) was extra special because of you!!!!! Xoxo Karen

Tyler’s First Birthday Monkey Cake
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(2309) Tyler’s First Birthday Monkey Cake

Thank you so much for Tyler's AMAZING 1st birthday cake!! It could not have turned out any more fabulous! Everyone at his party could not stop talking about his cake! The details were perfect and matched his monkey theme beautifully!! And as always, the cake tasted amazing! Thank you again for such a great job and for working with us during the storm! Thank you!!

40th Birthday Halloween Cake
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(2300) 40th Birthday Halloween Cake

@mymomshops - Thank you @PinkCakeBox for my most amazing Halloween birthday cake ever!! #40thbirthday pic.twitter.com/osTN3mSb

Calla Lily & Lily of the Valley Wedding Cake
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(2298) Calla Lily & Lily of the Valley Wedding Cake

Thank you again for a most spectacular wedding cake. The bride was thrilled as was her mother -- and their guests all remarked about the intricate details of the flowers on the cake. We were all thrilled.

Black Damask Sweet 16 Cake
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(2288) Black Damask Sweet 16 Cake

We wanted to thank u so much for the beautiful job on the cake. Daniella and all her guests were amazed by your work. They all commented on how delicious the cakes were as well! You helped to complete her candy table as shown by the attached picture. Once again thanks for making her dream cake become a reality. Sincerely! Teresa

Lasso’d Groom Cupcake Tower
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(2282) Lasso’d Groom Cupcake Tower

The cake was terrific, exactly what we wanted. I have used your service three times and each time the cake or cupcakes have been delicious and beautiful. Thank you once again for making our vision come to life. Beth

Damask Birthday Cupcake Tower
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(2272) Damask Birthday Cupcake Tower

The cupcakes were a huge hit. Everyone couldn't believe how good they were and there was some debate as to whether the cake or the frosting were the best part. My daughter was so happy with the appearance of the whole cake and tower and it met all of her expectations. Thank you for doing an amazing job!


Casey’s Zebra Print Bat Mitzvah Cake
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(2270) Casey’s Zebra Print Bat Mitzvah Cake

2 bat mitzvahs - 2 cakes....both incredible!! Anne, Casey's cake yesterday was AMAZING just like Lauren's was 4 years ago!!! Tasted great too!! Definitely the talk if the party...thank you so much!!!! :)

Dogwood Flower Baby Shower Cake
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(2269) Dogwood Flower Baby Shower Cake

The cake was beautiful! The expectant parents loved it as well as all the guests! Even people that were walking outside the restaurant took photographs of the cake.
I was sadden when they took the cake away to be cut...it was too pretty to be eaten (but it was delicious!)
Thanks for the memories!

Rom and Omaida

Gender Reveal Cake
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(2265) Gender Reveal Cake

Hi Nicole everyone Loved it. Everyone asked who created the cake. I put the Pink Cake Box out there. I was very pleased and will do a raving review online. I will definitely order from you all again. Superb Service. Here's a few pics from the shower. The gender revealing shower was a hit with the cake filling everyone loved it. We had about 60 guest . Enjoy the pics. Everyone is still talking about my cake...

Animal Themed Baby Shower Cake
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(2246) Animal Themed Baby Shower Cake

Hey Nicole,
My baby shower cake was amazing. I LOVED it and so did everyone else. It was exactly what i wanted and the flavors we so yummy. I LOVED the Oreo filling with the chocolate cake. We had barely any cake left. Really happy about that but also kinda sad cause i would of ate it all week long. hahaha. Please Thank Anne for me and thank you for following up. I will being contacting you for future cakes! :) I will also send some professional photos your way of the cake if you would like them?

Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake
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(2245) Yellow Lab Groom’s Cake

Hi! We loooved the doggy cake! Thank you sooo much! My husband was sooo surprised! It was sooo great! It was def a hit. Thank you again! Stephanie

Charlotte’s Baptism Cake
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(2546) Charlotte’s Baptism Cake

It was the most beautiful christening cake ever! And it tasted even better than it looked. Thank you soooo much! Charlotte is a very lucky little girl!

Nicolette’s 2nd Birthday Cupcake Stand
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(2227) Nicolette’s 2nd Birthday Cupcake Stand

Anne and her team at Pink Cake Box recently created an amazing display of cupcakes and topper cake for my daughter, Nicolette's second birthday party. We have used Anne repeatedly for birthday parties and showers, and have been amazed each time at the taste as well as the imagination and detail of each cake. Pink Cake Box has become our "go-to" shop when we need a delicious centerpiece for a party. And, what I love the most: As a busy mom who still wants to throw an imaginative and detailed party, I never have to worry about the dessert. I know I just have to discuss with Anne the theme and feeling of the party, and she'll create the cake or cupcakes that will amaze our family and friends. I'm never anything but enamored with the cake, and it takes a little of the planning off of my shoulders, which is awesome. Thanks again Anne! We look forward to our next party!

Parisian Themed Birthday Cakes
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(2223) Parisian Themed Birthday Cakes

Thank you so much for the beautiful cake you made for my Daughter's 1st birthday!(Parisian theme) It looked and tasted amazing!!

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